Elaptir Vigationson-class (Jutland-class) Super Dimensional Destroyer (SDD)

Jutland-class Super Dimensional Destroyer 1Elaptir Vigationson-class (Jutland-class) Super Dimensional Destroyer (SDD)

by Tim Wing

The Jutland-class was a fast attack destroyer built by the Karbarrans (Elaptir Vigationson-class in Karbarran service). The Jutland-class has the distinction of being the only class of ship that the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF) purchased outright from the Karbarrans. This ship was 800 meters long, making it just slightly larger than the Ikazuchi-class Cruiser. Though one of the larger ships to serve with the UEEF, it still retained its Karbarran equivalent designation of Destroyer.

Jutland-class Super Dimensional Destroyer 2The Jutland-class feature three re-configurable holds on the outward facing surfaces that could be equipped with a variety of weapons systems, depending on mission. The central cavity could also be configured to meet specific mission requirements. Common configurations included a reflex cannon in the central cavity, with various anti-mecha weapons systems in the outward facing bays. The Jutland-classes’ final party trick was a pin-point barrier system similar in power to that found on the Macross-class Super Dimensional Fortress.

A notable ship of the Jutland-class was the UES Izumo. The Izumo was the third ship in the UEEF to bear what had proved to be an unlucky name. The first of her predecessors was a Karbarran lend-lease Gardinia-class Super Dimensional Destroyer, which was destroyed early in the Sentinel’s campaign with all hands aboard. The second ship was the lead ship of the Izumo-class of Super Dimensional Battleship, named in honor of the first Izumo. This Izumo met an unlucky fate as well, being destroyed in action against the Robotech Masters in the closing days of the Second Robotech War, having been part of the reinforcements sent by the UEEF. Again, all hands were lost. The Jutland-class UES
Izumo was the flagship of the 2nd Earth Reclamation Fleet in 2038. The crew of this UES Izumo valiantly sacrificed their lives as they used their ship’s shields to charge into the Jutland-class Super Dimensional Destroyer 3enemy’s troops to open the way for the rest of the fleet. The final (?) ship to carry the name Izumo is the second of only two completed Liberator-class Super Dimensional Battlefortresses. As of this writting, the SDF-5 UES Izumo has led a far less tragic existence.



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Original artwork by: Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma

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