CVR-2 Personal Space Combat Armor

CVR-2 Personal Space Power ArmorCVR-2 Personal Space Combat Armor

by Tim Wing

The CVR-2 was an environmental armor designed to be used with the short lived series of “Space Cyclones” used by the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF). Since the CVR-2 was meant to be used in the weightlessness of space, weight was less of a concern. This allowed the designers to imbue the CVR-2 with greater armor protection and increased protection against hard radiation.

General Characteristics

  • Weight: 14 kg


  • Computer controlled life support system
  • Temperature resistant shielding
  • Radiological shielding
  • Internal oxygen supply
  • Integrated heads up display
  • Electromagnetic footpads



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Original artwork by: Charles Walton II

Content by Tim Wing

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