Continental/Maxwell ZBR-X-02 Yrallain Heavy Battle Robot

ZBR-02-Mk.IV Officer's BattlepodContinental Battlemecha Ltd./Maxwell Dynamics ZBR-X-02 Yrallain Heavy Battle Robot

by Tim Wing

The ZBR-X-01 Thakun and ZBR-X-02 Yrallain were designed in the late teens by Continental Battlemecha Ltd. for the United Earth Expeditionary Forces (UEEF), primarily to accommodate the preferences of Zentraedi service members. Though the ZBR-01 made it into production, the heavier, slower and costlier ZBR-02 did not. This was due in part to it not being particularly liked by the Zentraedi troops it was built to appease, but also due to the fact that it was actually less combat effective than its lighter cousin.

The ZBR-02 Yrallain, named for a large nocturnal predator indigenous to Tirol, was the heavier of the two types. Often described as the “Officer’s Pod”, it was not limited to the Zentraedi officer class. It was not planned that the Thakun and the Yrallain would serve in the same units, in the traditional Reguld/Glaug mix, but rather they would be assigned to heavy and light formations, respectively. All versions mounted four heavy particle beam cannons (two on top and two in the arms), auto cannons, rear facing lasers and short range missile launchers. Like its Zentraedi fore bearer, the Yrallain was equally adept at space and surface combat and incapable of atmospheric flight. Several versions were proposed throughout its development cycle, one of which was notable due to it being designed to be built under license by Maxwell Dynamics. In typical Maxwell fashion, the upper arm joints on this version were styled to look like those of their VF/A-6 Alpha Veritech, lest anyone not know who built it.

General Characteristics

  • Height: 8 meters
  • Width: 4.6 meters
  • Length: 6.1 meters
  • Weight: 15.6 metric tons (dry)


  • Speed, running: 210 kph
  • Jump capability: 90 meters with thruster assistance

Weapons Systems

  • 2 x HPC-90 Heavy Particle Beam Cannons
  • 2 x HPC-50 Heavy Particle Beam Cannons
  • 2 x 20mm Laser (rear mounted)
  • 2 x auto cannons
  • 2 x RDS-10 Mini-Missile Launcher

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Original artwork by: Charles Walton II

Source: Robotech the Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook, by Irvin Jackson

Content by Tim Wing

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