Continental Battlemecha ZBR-01 Thakun Light Battle Robot

ZBR-01 Mk.II Infantry BattlepodContinental Battlemecha Ltd. ZBR-01 Thakun Light Battle Robot

by Tim Wing

The ZBR-01 Thakun and ZBR-02 Yrallain were designed in the late teens by Continental Battlemecha Ltd. for the United Earth Expeditionary Forces (UEEF), primarily to accommodate the preferences of Zentraedi service members. Though the type was not limited to Zentraedi pilots, the UEEF found that the overwhelming majority of pilots who gravitated towards it non-human. This led to the type being retired early from service due to the perceived segregation it was causing within the ranks.

The ZBR-01 Thakun, named for a mythical magical edged weapon from Zentraedi myth, was the lighter of the two types. Though it was a Continental Battlemecha product, later versions from the Mk.II onwards mounted Maxwell Dynamics supplied arm units. Mk.I Thakuns had no arms. All versions mounted heavy particle beam cannons, 30mm cannons and rear facing lasers like those of the old Regult Battle Pods. Like its Zentraedi forbearer, the Thakun was equally adept at space and surface combat. The Thakun was not capable of atmospheric flight.

General Characteristics

  • Height: 7 meters
  • Width: 4.6 meters
  • Length: 4.9 meters
  • Weight: 11 metric tons (dry)


  • Speed, running: 240 kph
  • Jump capability: 90 meters with thruster assistance

Weapons Systems

  • 2 x HPC-60 Heavy Particle Beam Cannons
  • 2 x 20mm Laser (rear mounted)
  • 2 x 30mm auto cannons
  • Optional 1 x gun pod



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Original artwork by: Charles Walton II

Source: Robotech the Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook, by Irvin Jackson

Content by Tim Wing

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