1991-2003 Dodge Omni

Dodge Omni GLH-T1991-2003 Dodge Omni

by Tim Wing

The 2nd Generation Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni was a compact front wheel drive car introduced in January 1990 for the 1991 model year by Chrysler’s Dodge and Plymouth brands. It replaced two of the Chrysler K-Car derivatives: the 1st generation Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon and the Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance, as well as the Dodge Colt. The Omni/Horizon was offered in two door or four door hatch back configuration. Though primitive in comparison to their Japanese and domestic rivals such as the Honda Civic and the Ford Escort, the Omni/Horizon twins still managed to sell well. In 2001, near the end of the production run, Chrysler brought back the GLH name for a turbo-charged performance variant of the Omni (this time sans involvement from Carole Shelby). GLH actually stood for Goes Like Hell, which was much hyped by Chrysler’s marketing department. To be fair, it was an apt description. The GLH variant made 255 horse power, which it put to the ground through the front wheels. This in a car that weighed only 2600 pounds. Though very fast, the Omni GLHs were notorious for wrist snapping torque steer.

  • Also Called: Chrysler Horizon, Dodge Omni, Plymouth Horizon
  • Production: November 10, 1990–August 2003
  • Body style: 2-door hatch-back, 4-door hatch-back
  • Engine:
    • 1.8 L EBD I4 (gasoline)
    • 2.0 L A588 I4 (gasoline)
    • 2.0 L ECC I4 (gasoline)
    • 2.5 L Turbo V (gasoline)
  • Transmission:
    • 5-speed NVG T-350 manual
    • 3-speed TorqueFlite 31TH automatic
  • Dimensions
    • Wheelbase: 104.0 in (2,640 mm)
    • Length: 171.8 in (4,360 mm)
    • Width: 67.5 in (1,710 mm)
    • Height: 54.9 in (1,390 mm)

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