UEG Land Weapons

UEG Land Weapons


  • 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • 120mm Direct-Fire Mortar
  • 180mm Direct-Fire Mortar
  • 204 GK Cannon
  • GK-242 7.62mm Mini-Gun
  • GU-14 35mm Autocannon
  • IC-L (Moldile Lunaditsz 95) 39.6mm Autocannon
  • KCN 25mm Autocannon
  • KCN-V 25mm Autocannon
  • KPA 32mm Autocannon
  • M19 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • M21/5 20mm Gatling Cannon with Terminal Guidance
  • M240 7.62mm Machine Gun
  • M25B 7.62mm Coaxial-Mounted Machine Gun
  • M2HB 12.7mm Machine Gun
  • M-89 12.7mm Machine Gun
  • Type PFG-966 78mm Caseless Autocannon

Special Purpose

  • DFT Flame-Thrower
  • FU-1 Water Cannon Pod
  • S-10 TASER

Gauss Cannons

  • GAU-20 Modular 20mm Gauss Cannon
  • Type 1001 45mm Electromagnetic Auto-Cannon

Weapons Clusters

  • TZ-I Weapons Cluster
  • TZ-IB Weapons Cluster
  • TZ-II Weapon Cluster
  • TZ-III Gun Cluster
  • TZ-IV Gun Cluster

Ion Cannons

  • Mk13 220mm Ion Cannon


  • E-3 Laser
  • E-4 Pulse Laser
  • E-5 Pulse Laser
  • E-18 Pulse Laser
  • EL-8 Medium Laser
  • EU-1 80 Mm Rapid Fire Pulse Laser
  • GRA-10 Heavy Laser Cannon
  • HLC-90 Laser Cannon
  • LLW-20 CIWS Laser
  • M-1255 120mm Laser Cannon
  • M-1300 60mm Anti-Aircraft Laser Cannon
  • Mk15 Laser Cannon
  • Mk3 Laser
  • Mk6 Dual Laser Turret
  • PL-3 (Karatszon Quillo-152) Pulse Laser
  • RöV-10 Twin Laser Turret
  • RPLC-4 Rapid-Fire Laser Cannon

Main Guns

  • 80mm Liquid-Propelled Motion-Stabilized Smoothbore Cannon
  • L16 152mm (6 Inch) Rifled Motion-Stabilized Rocket Cannon
  • M2004 120mm Motion-Stabilized Smoothbore Cannon
  • M2014 105mm Liquid-Propelled Smoothbore Cannon
  • M2018 120mm Liquid-Propelled Motion-Stabilized Smoothbore Cannon
  • M-500 400mm Artillery Cannon
  • Mk6 406 Mm Autoloading, Liquid Fueled, Liquid Cooled Cannon
  • Mk8 381mm (15 Inch) Autoloading, Liquid Fueled Cannon

Particle Beam Cannons

  • BFG-5 Particle Cannon
  • EP-3 Particle Beam Cannon and Power Pack
  • HPC-12 Heavy Particle Beam Accelerator Cannon
  • HPC-22 Particle Beam Cannon
  • HPC-40 Particle Beam Cannon
  • HPC-50 Heavy Particle Beam Cannon
  • HPC-60 Heavy Particle Beam Cannon
  • HPC-90 Heavy Particle Beam Cannon
  • PB-10 (Makral Martszur-4) Four-Barreled Rotary Particle Beam Cannon
  • PB-19 (Makral Tszikatro 05) Particle Beam Cannon
  • PBC-11 Liquid-Cooled Electron Beam Cannon
  • PBC-12 Particle Beam Cannon
  • PBC-15 Particle Beam Cannon
  • PBC-15 Particle Beam Cannon
  • PBC-15a Particle Beam Cannon
  • PBC-16 Particle Beam Cannon

Plasma Projectors

  • FC-4 Plasma Cannon
  • PP36 Triple-Barrel 36mm Plasma Pulse Cannon

Gun Pods

  • GU-10 55mm Three Barreled Smoothbore Rotary Gun Pod
  • GU-11 55mm Three Barreled Smoothbore Rotary Gun Pod
  • GU-12 Single Smoothbore Barrel Gun Pod
  • GU-13 Three-Barreled 35mm Gun Pod
  • GUP-2 Tactical Police Gun Pod
  • EU-10 Laser Gun Pod
  • EU-11 28mm Laser Gun Pod
  • EU-22 Pulse Laser Pod
  • MM-12 Four Tube Missile Launcher Pod
  • EP-12 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EP-13 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EP-17 Particle Beam Gun Pod

Missile Launchers

  • DB2 Drum Bomb
  • HD SX-2 Missile system
  • HM-6 Launcher
  • LMMDS-8 Missile Delivery System
  • LMMDS-16 Missile Delivery System
  • LSSN-20G Triple-Tube Long-Range Missile Launcher
  • MDS-H-20 “Ballista” Long-Range Missile Launcher
  • MDS-L-12 Multiple Launch Missile Launcher
  • MDS-L-16 Multiple Launch Missile Launcher
  • MDS-L-24 Multiple Launch Missile Pod
  • MDS-M-6 Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher
  • MDS-M-9 Short Range Missile Launcher
  • MDS-R-3 Missile Turret
  • MIM-60 Missile Launcher
  • MM-4 Missile Launcher
  • MM-6 Missile Launcher
  • MM-8 Missile Launcher
  • MM-24 Missile Launcher
  • MM-42 Mini-missile Delivery System
  • MMDS-3 Missile Launcher
  • MMDS-12 Missile Launcher
  • MML-1 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-1 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-1a Missile Launcher
  • MRL-2 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-3 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-5 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-6 Missile Launcher
  • MRL-9 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher System
  • MRL-9 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher System
  • MRL-15 Missile Launcher
  • MRM-8 Missile Launcher
  • RDS-3 Rocket Launcher
  • RDS-6 Rocket Launcher
  • RDS-10 Mini-missile Launcher
  • RDS-18 Mini-Missile Launcher
  • Shin-Shim-10 Drum-Mount Missile Launcher
  • Shin-Shim-15 Drum-Mount Missile Launcher



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