UEG Infantry Weapons

UEG Infantry Weapons


Carbines and Sub-Machine Guns


Squad Support Weapons

  • M-223 (M249) Minimi 5.56mm NATO Light Machine Gun
  • XIAW-5 Lightning Gun Experimental Ion Weapon
  • HLW-6 Lancer Laser Squad Support Weapon

Crew Serve Weapons

  • Mk.25 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • M-227 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • MG-8 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • M3A2M Browning 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
  • MG15 7.62mm Machine Gun
  • M-225 (M240) MAG 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun
  • M-2 60mm Mortar
  • M440 60mm Mortar
  • L16 ML 81mm Mortar
  • M-30 107mm Mortar

Missile and Rocket Launchers

Special Purpose Weapons

  • D-30 Grenades
  • M2019 Cobalt Mine
  • AAR-7 Amphibious Assault Rifle
  • M-27 Mountaineer Grapple Gun

Powered Armor Hand-Held Weapons

  • GU-11S 55mm Short Barreled Gun Pod
  • GU-18 25mm Gun Pod
  • GU-19 32mm Gun Pod
  • GU-21 45mm Recoilless Rifle
  • M-100 12.7mm Hand-Held 3-Barrel Rotating Gatling Machine Gun
  • M2-17 12.7mm Machine Pistol

Powered Armor Energy Weapons

  • EP-37 60mm Hand-Held Particle Beam Gun
  • EP-40 40mm Pulse Particle Beam Gun
  • EP-41R Double-Barreled Rapid Fire Pulse Particle Gun
  • EP-42 Double-Barreled 60mm Pulse Beam Gun
  • EP-43 85mm Pulse Laser
  • EP-45 Pulse Beam Gun
  • EU-5 Pulse Beam Rifle
  • EU-9 Pulse Particle Beam Cannon
  • LRC-10 Long Range Dual Laser Cannon

Powered Armor Missile Launchers

  • GR-10 Triple-Tube Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers
  • GR-22 Mini-missile Delivery System
  • GR-95 Mini-missile Delivery System
  • GR-97 Dual 45mm x 260mm Scorpion Mini-Missile Tube
  • GR-101 Mini-missile Delivery System
  • GR-103 Mini-missile Delivery System
  • GR-105 Triple 45mm X 260mm Scorpion Mini-Missile Tube
  • MM-20 Missile Delivery System
  • RL-6 Hand-Held Rocket Launcher
  • VMWS-25 Mini-missile Delivery System

Powered Armor Special Purpose Weapons

  • CADS-1 Long Ceramic Sword
  • N-2 Net Launcher Canister
  • VMWS-50 Power Claw
  • VMWS-90 Plasma Blade



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