UEG Aerospace Weapons

UEG Aerospace Weapons


  • AC-L (Moldile Tszan-83) 22.3mm Autocannon
  • Armscor Four-Barreled 35mm Gatling Cannon
  • GE-316 Triple Barrelled 16mm Hypervelocity Flechette Cannon
  • GU-9 55mm Single Barrel Autocannon
  • IC-L (Moldile Lunaditsz 95) 39.6mm Autocannon
  • KCN 25mm Autocannon
  • M61 Vulcan 6-Barreled Gatling Cannon
  • M-89/3 12.7mm Triple Barreled Machinegun
  • M197 20mm Electric Gatling-type Rotary Cannon
  • Oerlikon 32mm Autocannon
  • Oerlikon Triple Barrel 25mm Autocannon

Gauss Cannons

  • Mk2 Electromagnetic Cannon

Ion Cannons

  • E-18-1 Ion Pulse Cannon
  • E-46 Pulsed Ion Cannon
  • EU-35 Triple-Barreled Ion Pulse Cannon
  • IWS-44 30mm Rapid Fire Ion Cannon


  • E-19 4.5 MJ Laser
  • E-19B 4.5 MJ Laser
  • EU-10 Laser Cannon
  • EU-21 Pulse Laser
  • EU-22 Double Barreled Pulse Laser
  • EU-23 Laser Cannon
  • PL-3 (Karatszon Quillo-152) Pulse Laser
  • RöV-5 Laser Cannon
  • RöV-20 Laser Cannon

Particle Beam Cannons

  • AD-1 (Makral Rianulran-23) Particle Pulse Cannon
  • E-47 Particle Beam Cannon
  • EP-1 Particle Beam Cannon and Power Pack
  • EP-100 Single-Barrel Particle Cannon
  • EP-4 Single Barrel Particle Cannon
  • EP-4 Single Barrel Particle Cannon
  • EU-13 Destabilizer, Sub-Nuclear Particle Beam Gun
  • LPC-45 Particle Beam Cannon
  • PB-10 (Makral Martszur-4) Four-Barreled Rotary Particle Beam Cannon
  • PB-19 (Makral Tszikatro 05) Particle Beam Cannon
  • PB-8 (Makral Martszur-3) Triple-Barreled Rotary Particle Beam Cannon
  • Rö-X24 Double-Barreled Mk4 Particle Beam Cannon

Gun Pods

  • GU-11 55mm Three Barreled Smoothbore Rotary Gun Pod
  • GU-12 Single Smoothbore Barrel Gun Pod
  • GU-13 Three-Barreled 35mm Gun Pod
  • GU-16 55mm Laser Guided, Liquid Propellant Plasma Shell Gun Pod
  • E-18 Triple-Barreled Pulsed Ion Cannon
  • E-20 Laser Gun Pod
  • E-47 Particle Beam Gun Pod
  • E-52 Destabilizer Sub-Nuclear Particle Beam Gun Pod
  • EP-12 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EP-13 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EP-13B1 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EP-14 Three-Barreled 80mm Particle Gun Pod
  • EU-13 Destabilizer Sub-Nuclear Particle Beam Gun

Missile Launchers

  • ADIMMS Alpha Drone Integral Multi-Missile System
  • AIMMS Alpha Integral Multi-Missile System
  • BIMMS Beta Integral Multi-Missile System
  • Carapace Missile Container
  • GIMMS Gama Integral Multi-Missile System
  • GRL-4 Two-Tube Rocket Launcher
  • HMMP-02 Micro-Missile Launcher Pod
  • MCHS-4 Recessed Covered Conformal Missile Bay
  • MHMR4 Missile Launcher
  • ML1 Forward Firing Internal Missile Launcher
  • MM-16/8 Multi-Missile System
  • MPM-2 Missile Pod
  • SIMMS Stalker Integral Multi-Missile System
  • TLM-1A Semi-Fixed Missile Launchers
  • TLM-1B Semi-Fixed Missile Launchers
  • UMM-7 Armored Container
  • UMM-9 Armored Container



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