Tirolian Aerospace and Defense Companies, 2075

Tirolian Aerospace and Defense Companies, 2075

Aerospace and Mecha Systems

  • Boquomouxy Weaponry Production
  • Ectromelia Weapons Factory
  • Esbeliben Weaponry Development and Production
  • Flemenmik Weapons Factory
  • Quanitszip Design Bureau
  • Quimeliquola Weapon Development and Production
  • Tritszrak Design Bureau

Propulsion Systems

  • Lebikanma Council of Gravity Control Systems
  • Nolfantom-Proldarc’lev Fold Systems
  • Shik-Telnekulla Fold Cluster Design Bureau
  • Tirol Engineering
  • Vallilev Engine Design Council
  • Varredoush Engine Factory
  • Varrelev Engine Factory and Development
  • Varshtanna Design Bureau
  • Workl-Quatafilla Ship Engine Factory
  • Zorr’lev Fold Drive Development Triumvirate

Capital Ship Production

  • Cirtzsai Yards
  • Civralidor Fleet Yard
  • General Assembly of Tirol Colonial Design Bureau
  • General Assembly of Tirol Orbital Yard
  • Geteulmaqulla-Zollia Armory Planet
  • Maldara Lunar Yards
  • Nasicom Shipyards
  • Nauglar Design Bureau
  • Fantoma Orbital Shipyards
  • Spoltra-Shifd Armory Planet
  • Tirol Drive Yards
  • Tirolian Navy Design Bureau
  • Tirolian Orbital Shipyards
  • Velquel-Quettereul Armory Planet
  • Worquli-Quatafilla Armory Planet

Weapon Systems

  • Deuawhaug Design Council
  • Gluph Weapons Development Council
  • Gluuk Weapons Armory and Development Council
  • Makharsz Impact System Development
  • Makral Weaponry Factory
  • Misaler Development Weapons Council

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