Tiresian Classical and Prehistory

Tiresian Classical and Prehistory

by Tim Wing

(For a full list of sources, please see below.)

114,000,000 BC

  • Widespread colonization of worlds by an unknown, long extinct race dubbed the ‘Seeders’. Tirol terraformed. 4

16,000 BC

  • Beginning of Pretoxican (Settlers) Culture.4,7

13,600 BC

  • First Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using sublight vessels.7

13,300 BC

  • Second Pretoxican Settlement of Space begins, using Sleeper navigation.7

13,200 BC

  • Pretoxican Republic established.7
  • On the forth planet of the Haydon System, a massive repository of Pretoxican knowledge and technology is established.13

13,100 BC

  • Pretoxican attain a non-corporeal state of being, begin a survey of planets once controlled by the ‘Seeders’.13
  • A Pretoxican exploration vessel stops temporarily on several planets in the Fourth Quadrant, interfering with the biosphere of each.7 The Flowers of Life, originally found on Earth, are completely transplanted to Optera.13
  • Humans are transplanted to Praxis, Tirol and other planets as slaves.4

12,000 BC

  • Pretoxican Republic Collapses.7

11,800 BC

  • Pretoxicans vanish. Tiresians scatter over the planet, some carrying agriculture with them, others adopting pastoralism.4

11,630 BC

  • Traditional date for the birth of Zor’de, first incarnation of the Tiresian deity Fanto, who drove away the enslaving P’tok demons, according to the Tiresian epic Zor’deroma.3

6,500 BC

  • Walled city-states first appear in the De’ver river valley on Tirol. The first Tiresian civilizations began begin to take root.4

5,970 BC (Aeon Lanack 1)

  • Traditional date for the birth of Lanack, third incarnation of the Tiresian deity Fanto, who defeated the armies of the evil god-king Moltok and taught the Dev’erians the art of civilization, according to the ancient Tiresian epic Lanack Estdo’re.4

5,800 BC (AL 30)

  • Writing developed in the Dev’er river valley civilization. Writing appears to have been developed in the Dev’er city-states approximately.4

4,700 BC (AL 224)

  • Earliest versions of the myths contained in the Lanack Estdo’re and Zor’deroma are likely written down.4

2,340 BC (AL 641)

  • Oldest extant fragments of the Lanack Estdo’re and Zor’deroma are composed.4

721 BC (AL 927)

  • Ein’liba Empire reaches its furthest extent on Tirol.4

360 BC (AL 991)

  • Tiresians become prominent in world affairs.4

301 BC (AL 1002)

  • Ein’liba Empire collapses on Tirol.4

1 Anno Domini (AL 1055)

360 AD (AL 1118)

  • Tiresians emerge as a powerful nation.4

410 AD (AL 1127)

  • Tirol’s industrial revolution begins in Su’tone.4

597 AD (AL 1160)

  • Karbarra launches its first artificial satellite, beginning their space age.

652 AD (AL 1170 45)

  • Tiresians launch first satellite into orbit around Tirol.4

668 AD (AL 1173 28)

  • Tiresian mathematician and physicist Rogelo Turbin formulates a “Superstring Theory of Everything”, uniting all four fundamental forces. This result is used to derive a classical General Relativity, and predicts the existence of a six-dimensional hyperspace in addition to four dimensional space-time. Fold drives become a theoretical possibility.4

789 AD (AL 1194)

  • Karbarrans begin long range exploration of their local system using fold capable ships.

800 AD (AL 1196 61)

  • A permanent presence is established on Fantoma’s more stable moons by the Tiresians.4

812 AD (AL 1198 73)

  • Karbarran scout vessel landed on Spheris, establishing contact and later trade between the two races.4
  • Payment to Spheris for their mineral resources was first made in the coin of. Later, the emphasis changed from Knowledge to Food as Karbarrans began to pay by building fission powerplants.4

813 AD (AL 1198 90)

  • Karbarra’s major power stations had been re-geared to use the Spherisian sourced crystals to fine-tune their generators.4

815 AD (AL 1199 26)

  • New long-range sensors produced by Karbarrans which used only a fraction of the power previously required.4

 816 AD (AL 1199 44)

  • Explorer Tovaal Lureq leads Tirol’s first attempt at colonization of the other moons. Their ships, lacking power, cannot escape Fantoma‘s gravity to explore other planets.4

992 AD (AL 1230 55)

  • Monopoles are isolated in Fantoma’s rings, paving the way for the first Tiresian fold-drives.4

1033 (AL 1237 79)

  • First large scale colonization vessel (later to be refit as the Azashar-class General Purpose Vessel, or Robotech Master’s Mother Ship) was produced at the General Assembly of Tirol Orbital Yard.4

1036 AD (AL 1238 32)

  • Tiresian civilization develops first fold-capable ship.4
  • Tiresians had established colonies in orbit around and on the surface of many of the worlds and moons in their star system. By the discovery of fold technology, fully ten percent of the Tiresian race lives off-planet.4

1116 AD (AL 1252 46)

  • First contact between Tiresians and Karbarrans.4

1117 AD (AL 1252 64)

  • Tiresian ships make contact with Spheris.4

1118 AD (AL 1252 81)

  • First appearance of the ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ Tiresian-like Spherian.4

1131 AD (AL 1255 11)

  • Ci’Va colonized, mainly by Tiresians of Rilacian origin.4

1166 AD (AL 1261 30)

  • Under the lead of the Tiresians, Tirol unifies into a more or less homogeneous republic. Colonization of other worlds proceeds with great haste, aided by advances in fold technology and a huge increase in the population’s growth rate.4

1172 AD (AL 1262 36)

  • Comprehensive Karbarran-Tiresian trade pact signed.4

1243 (AL 1274 91)

  • First modern Tiresian warship, the Tou Redir class armed reconnaissance frigate, is commissioned. This class goes on to become the most prolific Tiresian ship design in history.4

1268 (AL 1279 33)

  • First Queadol Magdomilla class heavy cruiser.4

1274-1306 AD (AL 1280-1286)

  • Major war fought by Tirol and Karbarra against the V’loxia, a non-humanoid people whose borders include a hundred inhabited worlds. The conflict is costly and terrible, ends with the extinction of the V’loxia.4

1278 AD (AL 1281 08)

  • First contact between the Garudans and a Tiresian Merchant fleet en-route to Karbarra.4

1323 AD (AL 1289 05)

  • Birth of Zor Derelda on Tirol.8A


This Timeline, as it appears above, is based mostly on the Tirolian Chronology from the “A Brief Description and History of Tirol” by Peter Walker with Aubry Thonon, Pieter Thomassen, and Robert Morgenstern (as it appears in the Robotech Reference Guide, 2066 edition). Other Sources Include the excellent (though Zentraedi biased) Chronology in the “Macross Compendium” by Egan Loo and the Timeline as it appears in “Robotech” as compiled by Aubry Thonon and edited by Peter Walker and Mike Perry.

I have endeavored to deconflict all information available, and produce as thorough and complete a time line as is possible. As it stands, there are significant divergences between “Tirolian History” and “Zentaedi History”. This can be seen by comparing the timelines of Aubry Thonon and Egan Loo. The Egan Loo time line is based on the “Manufactured History” that the Robotech Masters created for their Zentraedi henchmen. This history was created so as to extend the Zentraedi’s years of service to the Robotech Masters from a mere 650 years to over 490,000 years! As one can imagine, it created a significant sense of subordination in the Zentraedi psyche.

Also, for the sake of clarity, I have set all dates to be Earth relative, in the common, if not politically correct, BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini). (-Tim Wing)


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Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising and Studio Nue. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising, Tatsunoko Studio and Ammonite studio. Megazone 23 (R) is the property of A.D. Vision and studios AIC, Artland & Tatsunoko. Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (R) is the property of Fuji Television, Artmic Studio and Tatsunoko Production. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.


Acknowledgement is extended to the work of Egan Loo and the Macross Compendium. Egan Loo is given all credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the Macross Compendium that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Images Courtesy of Chad Wilson (Marchly) and the Macross Mecha Manual. Chad Wilson is given all credit for all images from the Macross Mecha Manual that have been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Acknowledgement is also extended to Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern are given credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated.

Content by Tim Wing

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