The Unification War

The Unification War

by Tim Wing


The events following the arrival of the SDF-1 are fairly well documented. For an accurate and fairly non-refutable chronology, one need only go to the timeline at the This site is helpful in that it only lists events that can be verified beyond question. But this is a small amount of information.

For more in-depth historical research, I leaned heavily on the works of Egan Loo. His timeline in the Macross Compendium gives a very explicit series of dates and events, which for the most part reconcile with the known history found at Though Egan Loo’s history prior to 1999 is Zentraedi centric to say the least, his work covering the post ASS-1 to Space War I (First Robotech War) period is the definitive work on the subject.

As always, I would like to thank those whose work most contributed to the completeness of this chronology; in this case, Egan Loo’s work over the past fifteen or so years has contributed greatly to what we know about the First Robotech War.

(-Tim Wing)

(For a full list of sources, please see below.)


1999 July 17

  • Space Station New Frontier, located 36000 km above the Phoenix Islands, detects an intense radioactive phenomenon, followed by an appearance of an object of great mass. It confirms that the object is heading towards Earth. Upon receiving the report, the United Nations Security Council confers with the heads of every nation. They each eventually adopt a response plan. The falling object is determined by its form and other features to be an unknown object very different from a meteorite, and its forecasted path after atmospheric entry is made public (but as a meteorite).6
  • The object is a large alien spacecraft exiting from hyperspace. After approximately eighteen hours, the spacecraft falls to the Earth’s surface.1 Due to the high temperatures and terrific shock waves produced by its descent; it inflicts damage while passing over parts of Central Asia, North Africa and South America. The northern part of South America is hit hardest, with the shock waves causing earthquakes and destroying much of Bogota, Columbia.6 The object comes to a rest on South Ataria6 Island in the South Pacific.1
  • USS Kenosha (CVN-90) and her battle group are sunk by the passing space craft.2A
  • The nations of the world, to include the US and the Soviet Union, call a cease-fire to assess the alien threat.1 Upon investigation by a multi-lateral survey team, the fallen alien craft is designated ASS-1 (Alien Starship-1). Due to the great destructive damage and abnormal weather caused by the shock waves accompanying the fall of the ASS-1, the existence of aliens is treated as top secret until the confusion is brought under control. What begins as an emergency summit meeting between the United States and Soviet Union becomes a meeting between all members of the United Nations Security Council.6

1999 August

  • Precise, accurate, minute investigation of the derelict alien spacecraft begins. The crash site on South Ataria Island is designated a UN sphere of jurisdiction.1
  • The Global Civil War officially ends, though the terms are not satisfactory to all parties.1

1999 September

  • According to the first top secret report of the study of the alien spacecraft, it is discovered that the ship is military in nature, and its crew are on average, six times the size of human beings, with exceptional individuals exceeding fifty feet in height.1
  • Terrified by the all too real prospect of invasion from deep space, a campaign is initiated to establish a United Nations Government.1, 6

2000 January

  • Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giant alien threat begins in earnest.1

2000 March

  • Establishment of Robotech (Robotic-Technology) Research Group, an alien technology analysis research institute, through joint Japanese, US, Soviet, West German, English and French collaboration.4 This is not to be confused OTEC Corporation (OTEC stood for Over-Technology), which was a conglomerate made up of many of the leading defense and aerospace contractors of the time. OTEC Corp was responsible for the refitting of the SDF-1 and the construction of many of the ships in the soon to be established UN Spacy’s fleet.6

2000 April

  • Research by the RRG on anti-giant combat weaponry systems (later designated as Battloids and Destroids) begins.6

2000 June

  • The planned construction of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 (SDF-1) is formally announced to the world, though the true nature of its underlying alien technology is kept top secret.1
  • Frame work for a United Nations government is officially proclaimed.

2000 July

  • Outbreak of dispute in People’s Republic of Kuwait. The disputes, rebellions and civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world come to be known as the Unification Wars (or the UN Wars).9
  • Construction of Moon Base Copernicus begins.9

2000 October

  • In the Sea of Tranquility on the lunar surface, construction of Apollo Base begins.6

2001 January

  • Inauguration of the UN Government. Harlan J. Niven6 is elected Secretary-General by the General Assembly.

2001 February

  • Project startup on the restoration and reconstruction of the alien spaceship for use as the flag ship of the UN Spacy. The ship is officially named the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, the apparent name of the vessel in the language of its original owners.6
  • Space launch scheduled for 2006 May.6

2001 March

  • Successful development of “Space Metal” and other new materials by the RRG.6

2001 May

  • Construction of large-scale space manufacturing station begins at L-5 in Lunar orbit.6

2001 June

  • Anti-unification terrorist attack in Geneva Switzerland kills Sara Hayse, wife of then Admiral Hayse and mother of future Admiral Lisa Hayse.2B

2001 July

  • Construction of the first permanent base on Mars, named “Sara”, begins.1
  • Civilians begin to immigrate to South Ataria6 Island (now officially renamed Macross Island), to work on the SDF-1 project.1

2001 August

  • Initial theory of SDF-1’s thermonuclear reaction system (Reflex Furnace) explained by RRG researcher Doctor Emile Lang.6 (This system is the ship-scale “Protoculture” thermonuclear reactor, though the misnomer had not yet come into existence.)

2001 September

  • “Project Excalibur”, the first attempt at developing a Robotechnology-based weapons system is begun. Designed for ground combat, this project eventually leads to the development of the Destroid line of mecha.1

2001 November

  • Theory of the physics behind the SDF-1’s super-dimension-energy cannon (Reflex Cannon) explained.6

2002 February

  • “Project Valkyrie”, a proposal for the development of a variable configuration, all-purpose Robotech combat system is introduced.1

2002 March

  • Grand Cannon System Theory completed.6

2002 May

  • Construction of Earth Defense Command Center for Anti-Stellar Warfare (EDCAS) begins in secret in at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.5 On the same site, Grand Cannon System I begins construction.1

2002 July

  • First Defensive Battle for Macross Island against an Anti-Unification League attack.6

2002 November

  • At the RRG, the first Earth-made thermonuclear reactor (Reflex Furnace, later called a Protoculture Generator) surpasses critical point (the point at which it produces more energy than it consumes).6

2003 March

  • Establishment of the United Nations Space Agency (UN Spacy).6 The UN Spacy is also referred to in the press around this time as the Robotech Defense Force (RDF), using the term for the new technology that the agency made use of. Though the RDF was a term in common usage, it was never the an official name of any sort.

2003 April

  • Terrorist attack in Yokohama, targeting a UN delegation. 30 die and over 100 are injured. Riots between anti-unification sympathizers and police follow. This attack was the deadliest of over a dozen in major metro areas worldwide. 2B
  • Construction of the first ARMD Hermes-class and AMES/DD Oberth-class begins at L-5 in Lunar orbit.1

2003 November

  • In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from restoration work on the Macross, construction begins on a stellar space warship entirely of Earth origin: the SDF-2.6

2004 January

  • RRG develops thermonuclear reaction bomb. Reaction weapons (or Reflex Weapons), using paired-annihilation first explained by Dr. Emil Lang through super dimensional spatial theory, produce high energy destructive effects even greater than those of nuclear weapons.2

2004 February

  • On the Lunar surface, successful test of thermonuclear reaction bomb.6

2004 March

  • Construction on Grand Cannon II begins in the Australian outback.
  • M12 Centaur enters production.4

2004 September

  • Development of first super-small scale (mecha-sized) Reflex Furnace (Protoculture Generator) is begun by the RRG.6 (At this point, it should be noted that the term “Reflex” was applied to two completely different processes: reaction weapons, which derive their energy from the paired-annihilation of atomic particles; and what would eventually be called Protoculture Reactors, which derive their energy from the Invid Flower of Life.)

2004 October

  • Construction on Grand Cannon III begins in northern Tanzania, near Lake Victoria.6

2004 November

  • World-wide economic recession, spurred by unprecedented levels of spending on the Space Defense Build-up.6 At this time, military and space spending accounts for 17% of the Worlds GDP. (By way of comparison, the United States Defense spending prior to the start of the Global Civil War was about 6% of its GDP.)

2005 AD

  • The Faithful, an anti-unification, anti-alien technology Christian Sect, gain prominence. 10D

2005 January

  • United Nations of Earth Government (UNEG) is officially established6 as having executive authority over all the Earth’s Nations.
  • The Second Defensive Battle for Macross Island.6 The Anti-Unification League stages a poorly planned attack in defiance of the new UN Mandate.
  • Outbreak of rioting in the Soviet Union in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.9
  • In a high profile attack, two UN Spacy soldiers who were Nationalist sympathizers open fire on UN Spacy Cadets. 10D

2005 February

  • Mars Base Sara becomes fully operational. Beginning of the construction of Full size Reflex Furnace at this location. 2B

2005 March 29

  • Commissioning of the Oberth AMES-01 space destroyer.

2005 April 14

  • Founding UNEG Secretary-General Harlan J. Niven is assassinated. Robert A. Rhysnink is installed as his successor.6

2005 July

  • Outbreak of guerilla warfare in the United States of America.6 Texas, Montana, Idaho and Alaska attempt to succeed from the United States.
  • Suspected alliance between American “Sons of the Constitution” nationalist group and “The New European Commonwealth” nationalist group.10D

2005 August

  • Reflex Furnace becomes active for the first time. Project managed by Colonel Rodriguez of the UN Spacy. 2B
  • Contact is made by a Zentraedi Monitor on a long range reconnaissance mission with Mars Base Sara. After being hailed by Mars Base Sara, the Zentraedi Cyclops sent by the Captain of the Monitor first knocks out the base’s life support and defensive systems. Responding to the emergency, the Oberth exchanges fire with the Cyclops. The Monitor, under command of Captain Krohn, engages and destroys the Oberth. Colonel Rodriguez then destroys the Monitor with a gravity field cannon (Grand Cannon), sacrificing himself in the process. Before its destruction, the Zentraedi vessel sends a sub-space signal back to the main fleet, alerting them to the presence of Reflex Weaponry. 2B
  • Cover story constructed, blaming the incident on the Anti-Unification League.6, 2B
  • Commissioning of the Hermes ARMD-01, often referred to as “Armor One”.6

2005 September

  • The Oberth-class space destroyer Tsjolkovsky is hijacked by Anti-Unification League operatives.6

2005 September 10

  • The UN Spacy destroys the Anti-Unification League’s captured space destroyer Tsiolkovsky via an attack with reaction weaponry by the space destroyer Goddard, commanded by Captain Henry Gloval. (First use of reaction weaponry in actual combat.)6

2005 November

  • Major Anti-Unification League attack, the under-construction Grand Cannon II is destroyed in Australia.6
  • Efforts moved to Grand Cannon IV in French Guiana.7

2005 December

  • The Prometheus, CVS-101, is commissioned.6

2006 January

  • Anti-Unification League attacks in the Third Defensive Battle for Macross Island. The attacking group’s aircraft, MiG-31 fighters, carry the insignia of a blue and yellow roundel, flanked on either side by sideways triangles.6
  • First recorded usage of the words “Robotech Mecha” as an abbreviation of Robotic Technology Mechanisation.9

2006 March

  • VF-X-1 enters prototype flight testing phase. Head test pilot is Lieutenant (SG) Roy Fokker.1
  • In the Lunar North Polar Region, construction on Grand Cannon V begins.6

2006 April

  • SLV-111 Daedalus is commissioned as a super-large-scale assault landing vessel.6

2006 May

  • Outbreak of the Forth Defensive Battle for Macross Island.6

2006 June

  • VF-1 development temporarily suspended due to cost over runs. 2A

2006 July

  •  Hermes ARMD-01 hijacked by Anti-Unification League rebels lead by UN Spacy Lieutenant (JG) Shawn Arnold. Arnold destroys Antarctic Base with a nuclear weapon fired from the Hermes. Lieutenant (SG) Roy Fokker is dispatched in a prototype VF-1, intercepts the Hermes and destroys the bridge of the ship with cannon fire. Fokker then intercepts and destroys a nuclear warhead targeting Macross Island. 2A
  • (It has been speculated by some historians that Lieutenant Colonel T. R. Edwards and Major Anatole Leonard were co-conspirators in the hijacking.2A Colonel Edwards actions later on during the Pioneer Expedition notwithstanding, there is very little historical evidence to support this postulation.)
  • Disinformation campaign initiated to make the Anti-Unification League seem like a bigger threat than it really is in order to create public support for greater defense spending. 2A

2006 October

  • The Anti-Unification League uses a tactical nuclear weapon, destroying Leningrad in the Soviet Union. The attack is deemed by the Anti-Unification movement as retaliation for their defeat at the Forth Battle for Macross Island2 and the failed hijacking attempt on the Hermes. 2B
  • This attack turns public opinion against the Anti-Unification League, and marks the beginning of the end of the Unification War.
  • Following Leningrad’s annihilation, the UN makes an announcement that using thermonuclear Reflex weaponry on the Earth’s surface in a retaliatory strike is an option in the case of future nuclear attacks.4
  • Most member-nations of the Anti-Unification League, for fear of nuclear retaliation by the UN Spacy and flagging support among their own populations, end their support for the Anti-Unification Movement and declare a cease-fire.

2006 November

  •  Final Defensive Battle for Macross Island by last remnants of the Anti-Unification Movement.6

2007 January 20

  • Last Anti-Unification League member states sign a formal treaty with the United Nations Government, ending the Unification War and bringing them under the control of the United Nations Government.
  • Official end of the Unification War.6

2007 January

  • Operational training center for SDF-1 Macross crew established on Macross Island.

2007 February

  • VF-X-3000 begins operational testing and type acceptance trials.6
  • Lieutenant (SG) Roy Fokker begins testing of the YVF-14 Tigercat.10B
  • Rebels attack a UN Spacy base in Libya. The attack is led by East German born, former UN Spacy Colonel, Maximillian Focke. It is speculated that this was an attack by a disaffected group of Anti-Unification League holdouts.10B

2007 March

  • VF-1 Valkyrie Veritech Fighter enters series production.1 Initial production is at the Rockwell International facility on Macross Island, with additional production facilities to be established in the United States and Japan.

2007 November

  • Construction of Moon Base Copernicus completed.9

2009 January

  • VF-1 Valkyrie series begins operational deployment. Usage is limited to fighter-mode configuration only, in order to maintain absolute secrecy surrounding the true capabilities of the Veritech Fighter.1

2009 February

  • Official launch ceremonies celebrating the maiden voyage of the SDF-1 Macross begin on Macross Island.1
  • The Zentradi’s Vrlitwhai Fleet, led by Commander Breetai, arrives within the Solar System.6
  • The main guns of the SDF-1 automatically fire and destroy two approaching Zentraedi scout ships. 1
  • A malfunction of the ship’s fold system results in a hyperspace jump, taking the SDF-1 and Macross Island to the orbit of the planet Pluto instead of its intended target near the moon. Malfunction also results in the complete disappearance of the fold system. 1
  • Forecasting the SDF-1’s most like route back to Earth, the Zentraedi establish an Observation Post (OP) on Saturn’s moon Pandora.10E
  • First Robotech War begins. 1



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Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising and Studio Nue. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising, Tatsunoko Studio and Ammonite studio. Megazone 23 (R) is the property of A.D. Vision and studios AIC, Artland & Tatsunoko. Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (R) is the property of Fuji Television, Artmic Studio and Tatsunoko Production. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.

Acknowledgement is extended to the work of Egan Loo and the Macross Compendium. Egan Loo is given all credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the Macross Compendium that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Images Courtesy of Chad Wilson (Marchly) and the Macross Mecha Manual. Chad Wilson is given all credit for all images from the Macross Mecha Manual that have been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Acknowledgement is also extended to Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern are given credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated.

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