The Tiresian Mercantile Empire

The Tiresian Mercantile Empire

by Tim Wing

(For a full list of sources, please see below.)

1323 AD (AL 1289 05)

  • Birth of Zor Derelda on Tirol.8A

1339 AD (AL 1291 88)

  • Karbarra severs ties with Tirol, and gives preferred trading status to Ci’Vonia.  Karbarra severs tie with the entire Interstellar Republic three years later.4

1341 AD (AL 1292 23)

  • Annexation of the local group into the Tiresian Republic proposed by Senator Nimuul and debated in the Tiresian General Assembly, at the same time as a deep-space exploration is being debated. The two major political groups of the General Assembly, led by Senator Nimuul and Senator Zol Derelda respectively, combine these into one bill of legislation, which passes.8D
  • Zor Derelda demonstrates his theory of Organic Energy before the Tiresian Science Institute. Zor is selected to participate in a deep-space exploration mission. 8D

1343 AD (AL 1292 59)

  • After charting 12 other systems, the deep space exploration ship, the Azstraph (Venture) enters Tzuptum system and orbits around the newly discovered planet of Optera. Zor finds the Flower of Life, makes first contact with the Invid Regess.4, 8A, 8D, 13
  • The Regess believes Zor to be the ancient Pretoxican Haydon returned. Zor uses this to seduce the secrets of the Flower of Life from her. Through a telepathic mind-joining, they exchange technological info… Zor’s complete memories are absorbed by the Regess, and her knowledge of the Flower of Life by him. 8D, 13

1343 AD (AL 1292 60)

  • On Tirol, civil unrest due to new restrictive laws passed by the General Assembly, which is now controlled by Senator Nimuul’s political faction. 8D

1343 AD (AL 1292 62)

  • Unrest turns to open rioting. Marshall Law imposed. The Senator Zol Derelda, and his faction, are placed under arrest by the Senatorial Guard for treasonable views, inciting rebellion and conspiracy to overthrow the government. Senator Nimuul is elected Senatorial Elder, head of the three member Council of Elders. 8D

1343 AD (AL 1292 66)

  • Emergence of the Tiresian Mercantile Empire (TME), previously known as the Tiresian Mercantile Federation. 4, 8D
  • Building of the new capital building, the Royal Hall of the Tiresian Mercantile Empire, begins in central Tiresia. 8D

1344 AD (AL 1292 72)

  • Anti-Imperial insurgency. 8D

1344 AD (AL 1292 76)

  • The Azstraph returns to Tirol.8A
  •  The Council of Elders use Zor’s father, Zol Derelda, as leverage to secure his cooperation. 8D
  • Zor creates Zorrlev’dra (Zor’s Technology, but here in referred to the common English term “Protoculture”) from the Flower, having fallen victim to the compulsion placed upon him by the Tiresian Council of Elders.4, 8A, 13
  • Origin of a group of scientist’s “Cult of the Three-in-One” and their ascendancy as the Zorrlev’dra Gisterae. (This translates to Masters of Zor’s Technology, but from here on will be referred to the common English term “Robotech Masters”). This period comes to be known as the Great Transition.4, 8A, 13
  •  Cloning technologies accelerate at a great pace, thanks to discoveries associated with Protoculture.4

 1348 AD (AL 1293 47)

  • Based on his memory of the information exchange with the Regess, Zor creates a Protoculture Matrix to harness the power contained in the seeds of the Flower of Life. 8D
  • Zor Creates genetically engineered “Pollinators” (genetic medication of a common Tiresian house pet, about the size and shape of a small Earth dog) to act as substitutes for the Invid in the flower’s life cycle.8D

1350 AD (AL 1293 82)

  • A cloned slave caste is created to serve as servants and soldiers.8D
  • The Tiresian Legion was formed, made up of professional soldiers and bolstered with ranks of natural born Tiresian conscripts and clone slaves. This force is tasked with protecting Tirol and her off world interests, and soon became a very visible symbol of TME power.5

1351 AD (AL 1294 01)

  • Super long range fold drives perfected.4

 1355 AD (AL 1294 71 / AR 0)

  • The mass production of giant biological weapons for proxy warfare, the “Zentradi,” is begun by the powerful group of scientists, the Robotech Masters, at the behest of the Tiresian Council of Elders (from here on referred to by the common English term “Robotech Elders”).4
  • First year of the Aeon Zorrlev’dra (Aeon Robotech – AR)

1361 AD (AR 1 06)

  • Word of the Robotech Elders’ eugenics experiments and clone slave population brake, the Tiresian people, especially the patrician classes, are aghast. The Elders are ordered to immediately cease their experiments by the Senate. In response, the Robotech Elders call in the Zentraedi and seized control of Tirol, disbanding the Tiresian General Assembly.4, 8D
  • The anti-imperial insurgency (the “Underground”) attempts to free former Senator Zol Derelda from prison, hoping to secure Zor’s help in return. The attempt fails. The Underground then plots to destroy the Tiresian Science Institute and assassinate Zor. The plot is foiled when Zor is warned of the impending assassination by his lover, Arla, a member of the patrician class who is affiliated with the Underground. 8D

1361 AD (AR 1 19)

  • Restrictions placed on natural reproduction, in an attempt to weed out unfavorable genes from the population. Parents are encouraged to have children in clone groups of triplets.6
  •  The Invid begin to evolve during this time. Evolution is inspired by the Regess’ knowledge of Tiresian culture and technology received by her from Zor.8D

1362 AD (AR 1 23)

  • TME sends a Zentraedi fleet to take Garuda by force.4

1363 AD (AR 1 41)

  • Thuverl Dalem class Zentraedi Cruiser built at numerous locations throughout the TME.4

 1364 AD (AR 1 59)

  • The Garudan planetary government surrenders to the Zentraedi fleet.4

1365 AD (AR 1 77)

  • Zentraedi fleet subjugates Spheris.4

1378 AD (AR 4 06)

  • The first real crisis faces the TME on Karbarra. The Karbarrans test a new type of starship-mounted weapon: the Reflex Cannon.4

1379-1382 AD (AR 4 24 – 4 77)

  • Karbarra invaded by the Zentraedi main fleet. After a short but bloody war, Karbarra is subjugated. A war of insurgency follows.4

1382 – 1400 AD (AR 4 79 – 7 95)

  • The Robotech Masters “Unify” their sector of the Galaxy under the TME. (This includes all of the systems later referred to as the Sentinels Coalition.) The Masters begin a second wave of space colonization.4
  • Tiresian people completely prohibited from having children by means of natural reproduction.6 Children from this time forward are produced in groups of three identical clones. The offspring of Tiresians with unfavorable genes are assigned new genes by the Center for Reproduction.

1387 AD (AR 5 65)

  • Spheris finds itself under attack during an Invid lightning-raid. Invid troops appear in orbit and harass the Zentraedi stationed there while ground-troops spread about the surface. Before being driven back, Invid transports ferry thousands of tons of the smaller Spherisian Risia Crystals off-planet. These crystals are later shaped into a gigantic cloud of crystalline dust, capable of detecting Protoculture emissions across vast distances. Shaped magnetic fields are used to contain and move the cloud. The Invid Sensor Nebulae is born.4

1393 AD (AR 6 71)

  • Zentraedi ordered to defoliate Optera.4
  • Zentraedi fleet returns to Optera to harvest the rest of the flowers and destroy Optera. In this short time, the Invid have evolved into bi-pedal life forms and have developed a civilization similar to Tiresia’s pre-industrial history. Biological, technical and cultural evolution was spurred by the Regess’ absorption of Zor’s memories. 8D
  • Huge masses of flowers are harvested. The rest of the planet is almost completely defoliated. Invid make a second technological leap, into the industrial and space age. This to is made possible by the knowledge shared by Zor with the Regess. 8D

1394 AD (AR 6 89)

  • Zol Derelda is executed in prison. The last remnants of the Underground are defeated. 8D
  • A project to grow the Flower of Life in green houses on Tirol meets with limited success. 8

1450 AD (AR 16 79)

  • The new triumvirate clones are perfected, and the Robotech Elders retired to their great motherships in Tiresian orbit with their triplet minions.
  • Annexation of the local group completed by the Zentraedi and the TME is consolidated. 8D

1459 AD (AR 18 38)

  • A TME survey ship stops temporarily on Tirol-like planet. By genetically reconstructing the native life, these scientists attempt to influence the emergence of a sub-humanoid adapted to this planets environment, as a way to prepare for future colonization. During its return to its Tirol, the survey ship is destroyed by unspecified military ships opposed to the TME. Records of this event later fueled speculation that “Earth” was the planet in question and that Humans were descended from Tiresians, despite huge timeline difficulties and fossil evidence to the contrary.

1481 AD (AR 22 27)

  • Zor retires briefly to Ci’Va to continue his research and collaborate with his Ci’Vonian colleagues. While there, he pseudonymously pens a series of political and philosophical tracts favoring federalist republicanism over the current Imperium. Zor is recalled by the Elders and is severely reprimanded and severe restrictions were placed on his movement and activities, but his writings strike a chord in the Ci’Vonian people and with the old patrician families on Tirol and elsewhere. Ci’Vonian nationalism blossoms.4

1498 AD (AR 25 27)

  • First Nupetiet Vergnitzs-class Fleet Command Ship completed.4

1519-1520 AD (AR 28 98 – 29 16)

  • The Ci’Vonian crisis begins. The Robotech Elders demand Ci’Va surrender its sovereignty to the Tiresian Mercantile Empire. Ci’Va balks, and the “Supervision Army”, a major fleet of Zentraedi warships, is sent as a threat. The Zentraedi become contaminated by and enamored with Ci’Vonian culture, and eventually refuse to carry out their orders. When word arrives that an example is to be made of Ci’Va, a third of the planet’s population is hurriedly evacuated by their new Zentraedi allies, just as the Grand Fleet arrives to destroy the planet. In all, 500 million Ci’Vonians and 1.7 billion rebel Zentraedi escape into the vastness of space.4

1560 (AR 36 23)

  • First Thuverl Salan class Heavy Cruiser completed.4

1562 AD (AR 36 59)

  • The Ci’Vonians, their many Tiresian aristocratic sympathizers and rogue Zentraedi armies, known collectively to the Masters as “Zor’s Disciples”, declare war on the TME. The Masters dramatically increase the numbers of loyal Zentraedi to counter the threat.4

1590 (AR 41 53)

  • The Rineunadou Lojmeuean class Monitor, the first major Zentraedi capital ship with a reflex cannon, enters service.4

1590-1790 AD (AR 41-77)

  • Caught between the Ci’Vonian War on one front, and the attrition against outlying territories by the Invid, the TME begins to show signs of collapse.4

1662 (AR 54 26)

  • Quiltra Draenitzs class Tiresian multipurpose transport built at the Tiresian Orbital Shipyards and the Cirtzsai Yards.4

1680 (AR 57 44)

  • First Sian Dereta class Border Fleet battlefortress built at the Maldara lunar yards in the Vallivarre system.4

1732 (AR 66 63)

  • First Seron Thoun class Border Fleet battle cruiser is completed.4

1786 AD (AR 76 18)

  • First Taul Detrel class Tiresian Destroyer built at the Tiresian Orbital Shipyards and the Civralidor Fleet Yards.4

1792 AD (AR 77 24)

  • A Ci’Vonian fleet arrives on Tirol and launches a massive offensive against the Robotech Empire. The Tiresian patricians, long stifled by the Triumvirates, throw their lot in with the “Disciples of Zor”. The Zentraedi loyal to the Empire are insufficient to defend the homeworld, and the Masters are forced to bring out their Bioroid armies. The Grand Fleet is assembled and folds in to Tirol-space and quickly crushes the Ci’Vonian task force. Half their ships destroyed, the Ci’Vonians are forced to retreat. Never again do they to pose a serious threat to the Empire.4

1800 AD (AR 78 65)

  • The Robotech Masters seizes the reins of power from the Robotech Elders, who remain on as revered advisors. Though the foundations are weakened, an Imperial renaissance begins.4

1831 AD (AR 84 13)

  • The Regult Tactical Battle Pod enters service.4

1838 AD (AR 85 37)

  • The massive Zentraedi Fulbtzs Berrentzs Home Base finishes construction.4

1843 AD (AR 86 25)

  • Glaug Battle Pod enters production. Served with all arms of the Regular Zentraedi Forces and Border Fleets from 1843 onwards, replacing the Khaulaug command battlepod.4

1850 AD (AR 87 49)

  • Invid military campaign intensifies, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Ci’Vonian War.
  • Yawben, on the edge of the Master’s Empire, revolts.9

1855 AD (AR 88 37)

  • Destruction of Glaug production capacity by a Ci’Va / Supervision Army attack on Roiquonmi Factory Satilite.5

1869 AD (AR 90 84)

  • Invid destroy the automated Reaction Weaponry Factory Satellite. The Robotech Masters, confident of their Zentraedi Fleet’s stockpiles, neglect to construct a new production facility with adequate capacity to supply the TME.5

1940 AD (AR 103 39)

  • Loyal Zentraedi crush the “Disciples of Zor” and are programmed to remember the danger of contact with micronian races. Ci’Vonian stronghold is annihilated by the Zentraedi fleet. Remaining rebel fleet limps away into the darkness, led by surviving Ci’Vonians. Protoculture reserves are dangerously low. Imperial renaissance founders because of the power crisis.4

1950 AD (AR 105 16)

  • Zor sent, on a periodic basis, to seed other worlds with Flower of Life.4 Zor takes all active seeds with him and destroys all records of his research. 8D
  • Zor’s voyages deliver him to Haydon IV, where he has a profound encounter with the planetoid’s artificial sentience, the Awareness. The Awareness reveals to him that Optera was not the original source of the Flower of Life. Unbeknownst to his Zentraedi minders, Zor begins his “quiet rebellion” against the Masters. Zor has by now become hopelessly addicted to the dried leaves of the Flower of Life.13

1979 AD (AR 110 29)

  • The Macross Border Fleet Battlefortress built at the Tirol Orbital Shipyards, assigned to the flotilla charged with carrying Zor on his seeding missions.4

1980 AD (AR 110 47)

  • Zor’s seeding attempts take him to Peryton, Karbarra, Praxis, Garuda, and Spheris. The Flower of Life, however, once planted, attracts the Invid. On each planet the Flowers mutate, adapting to their new environment. Most plants fail to produce seeds capable of producing energy, making them useless to anyone but the Invid.13

1999 February (AR 113 84)

  • Zor steals the single extant Protoculture Matrix from Tiresia and conceals it within the main Reflex drives of the Sian Macross prior to leaving on a seeding mission. The theft of the last remaining viable Protoculture Matrix goes unnoticed by the Robotech Masters until long after his departure.13

1999 June (AR 113 91)

  • Zor is killed in an Invid attack during a seeding mission in deep space. The secrets of the production of fertile seeds of the Flower of Life die with him. The remaining store of fully fertile seeds are hidden aboard the Tiresian Monitor, the Sian Macross. The Macross, manned by a skeleton crew of Zentreadi loyal to Zor, folds to parts unknown.4, 13
  • Commander-in-chief Dolza orders Commander Reno to return Zor’s body to the Robotech Masters on Tirol.13
  • Interstellar war with the Invid continues to chip away at the fringes of the Masters’ galactic empire.13

1999 July 17 (AR 113 94)

  • Space Station New Frontier, located 36000 km above the Phoenix Islands, detects an intense radioactive phenomenon, followed by an appearance of an object of great mass.6
  • The object is a large alien spacecraft exiting from hyperspace. After approximately eighteen hours, the spacecraft falls to the Earth’s surface.1


This Timeline, as it appears above, is based mostly on the Tirolian Chronology from the “A Brief Description and History of Tirol” by Peter Walker with Aubry Thonon, Pieter Thomassen, and Robert Morgenstern (as it appears in the Robotech Reference Guide, 2066 edition). Other Sources Include the excellent (though Zentraedi biased) Chronology in the “Macross Compendium” by Egan Loo and the Timeline as it appears in “Robotech” as compiled by Aubry Thonon and edited by Peter Walker and Mike Perry.

I have endeavored to deconflict all information available, and produce as thorough and complete a time line as is possible. As it stands, there are significant divergences between “Tirolian History” and “Zentaedi History”. This can be seen by comparing the timelines of Aubry Thonon and Egan Loo. The Egan Loo time line is based on the “Manufactured History” that the Robotech Masters created for their Zentraedi henchmen. This history was created so as to extend the Zentraedi’s years of service to the Robotech Masters from a mere 650 years to over 490,000 years! As one can imagine, it created a significant sense of subordination in the Zentraedi psyche.


Also, for the sake of clarity, I have set all dates to be Earth relative, in the common, if not politically correct, BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini). (-Tim Wing)



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Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising and Studio Nue. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising, Tatsunoko Studio and Ammonite studio. Megazone 23 (R) is the property of A.D. Vision and studios AIC, Artland & Tatsunoko. Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (R) is the property of Fuji Television, Artmic Studio and Tatsunoko Production. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.

Acknowledgement is extended to the work of Egan Loo and the Macross Compendium. Egan Loo is given all credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the Macross Compendium that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Images Courtesy of Chad Wilson (Marchly) and the Macross Mecha Manual. Chad Wilson is given all credit for all images from the Macross Mecha Manual that have been utilized on Robotech Illustrated. 

Acknowledgement is also extended to Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide. Peter Walker, Pieter Thomassen and Robert Morgenstern are given credit for all quotes and paraphrasing of the unofficial Robotech Reference Guide that has been utilized on Robotech Illustrated.

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