The Sentinels Campaign

The Sentinels Campaign

by Tim Wing

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2015 January

  • The Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force (REF) is formed as a branch of the UN Spacy. Charged with surveying habitable planets in the local group for colonization and proofing navigable routes to the Robotech Master’s homeworld.5
  • The Heavy Cruiser UES Tristar, first ship of her class, built at the Robotech Factory Satellite (now designated Space Station Equality).4

2015 March

  • REF survey fleet secures the Robotech Repair Satellite, which is found abandoned in the vicinity of Barnard’s Star System. (Speculation is that it was left here by the Zentraedi Main Fleet during Dolza’s attack to act as a relay point and repair facility after the expected victory. This of course did not happen, and the satellite was abandoned.) Though depleted, the task force manages to fold the Repair Satellite back to Earth-space.

2015 March 27

  • Construction of the UES Pioneer (SDF-3) begins at Space Station Equality (the Robotech Factory Satellite) orbiting Earth.9
  • The Alpha Veritech Program suffers a setback when the first prototype crashes in testing. 11

2016 AD

  • Invid arrived on Spheris.4
  • First Valivarre Class Super Dimensional Battleship (SBB) commissioned, built at the Robotech Factory Satellite.4

 2016 January

  • Preliminary navigational surveys are conducted by REF long-range advance scout vessels, laying the groundwork for the main Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force.1

2016 April

  • Launch of a close-range colonization fleet bound for planet Eden in the Groombridge 34 System.6

2016 July

  • UES Angel’s communications cease near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. (News about this ship is not publicized.)6

2017 October

  • Development of the new Destroids begins.11

2017 November

  • VQ-6 Vandal pilotless prototype completed and tested.11

2020 AD

  • New Edwards Test Flight Centre established as a weapons testing center on Eden.6
  • VF/A-6 Alpha enters production. Serves with the REF and the UEDF TASC and TAF.4

 2022 AD

  • Personnel for REF selected: 300,000 humans, 40,000 Zentraedi.11
  • Rem (a clone of Zor) and Cabell (a Tiresian scientist) pursue a way to produce viable Flower of life seeds on Tirol. 8A

2022 December

  • VF/A-6 Alpha and YBF-1 Beta docking first tested with mixed success by pilots Commander Max Sterling and 2nd Lieutenant Karen Penn.11
  • UES Pioneer (SDF-3) launches and takes its position as the flagship of the REF, marking the official start of the “Pioneer” mission.1
  • First wave of Invid, a scout element, take the capital city of Tirol. Resistance is less than what was expected. Invid main body arrives and secures rest of planet. When the Invid fail to find viable examples of Flower of Life, a schism develops between the Regent and the Regess.  Regess departs Tirol for Optera with her contingent.8A

2023 January

  • Captain Rick Hunter and Admiral Lisa Hayse marry on the Robotech Repair Satellite.8A
  • Pioneer Mission departs for Tirol, 75% of troops in stasis for the voyage.8A The Pioneer mission consists of four Battle Groups: the Mercury Battle Group consisting of the UES Pioneer and five Valivarre class ships, and the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Battle groups which consisted of 102 Banshee class, 4 Geneva-class, 30 Battle-class, 22 Tristar-class and 6 Tokugawa-class ships… 164 ships total.
  • The plan is for the Mercury Group to fold into Tirol Space first and make contact. If hostilities ensue, the battle group would immediately re-fold to link up with the Main Fleet (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Battle groups).
  • Regent returns to Optera with the Invid main body. Leaves head scientist Obsim in charge of planetary garrison of inorganics on Tirol. 8A
  • Regess permanently splits the Invid race, taking a significant contingent with her to the planet Praxis. Included in her contingent of Invid vessels is a captured Karbarran ship, on which she has collected examples of the Praxan, Karbarran, Peryton, Spherisian, and Garudan races for biological experiments. 8A
  • Obsim collects data from Tiresia’s records of where the Robotech Master’s fleet is heading and transmits this information to the Regess. 8A

2023 October

  • SDF-3 and the rest of the Mercury Battle Group de-fold into Tirol space.8A
  • Invid immediately attack. The battle group’s defense is uncoordinated with one fighter squadron launching before the order is given, causing them to be cut off from the rest of the battle group. This delays the SDF-3 and the rest of the battle group from folding to the Main Fleet Assembly Point, giving the Invid enough time to damage the SDF-3’s fold generators. 8A
  • The Mercury Battle Group, unable to fold out of Tirol space, decide to press the attack. Initiate Operation Ground Hog: Invasion of Tirol. Heavy casualties are sustained during the operation due to initial lack of air support. 8A
  • The Tiresian scientists Cabell and Rem manage to make radio contact with the SDF-3. Transmit intelligence concerning the Invid capabilities on Tirol and offer to share more if they are rescued. A Special Forces Team is sent in and manages to make the extraction.8A
  • Regess arrives on Praxis.8A
  • Obsim and the garrison’s Invid brain are captured by a task force commanded by General T. R. Edwards. At General Edward’s direction, the brain gives an order for all Invid forces to stand down, to include the reinforcement fleet sent by the Regent.8A

2023 November

  • Regess stays on Praxis to pursue experiments with a newly constructed Genesis Pit and dispatches Invid Scientist Tesla to Haydon IV with her collected specimens on the Karbarran ship Farrago. After arriving on Haydon IV, the ship’s cargo stages a mutiny, and takes Tesla prisoner.8A

2023 December

  • Main Expeditionary Fleet arrives, Tiresia Base is established and staffed by REF troops. Massive relief effort for the Tiresian citizenry begins. 8A
  • The Farrago arrives in Tirol Space and makes contact with REF. The ship is followed by an Invid Pursuer Drone (a very large automated homing reaction warhead) which is promptly engaged and destroyed by the SDF-3’s reflex cannon.8A
  • The Plenipotentiary Council, the civilian oversight committee assigned to the Pioneer Mission, elects to split the fleet, assigning half to the so called Sentinels Alliance and half to guard Tirol (Admiral Lisa Hayse-Hunter and General T.R. Edwards commanding, respectively). Captain Forsythe takes command of the SDF-3.8A
  • Mining of Fantoma’s monopole ore resumes with Rear Admiral Breetai Kirandik in charge.8A
  • The Robotech Factory Satellite and the Robotech Repair Satellite fold to provide support to the Pioneer mission.4
  • Regess conducts biological experiments on live Praxins in the Genesis Pit located on Praxis.8A
  • Predicting the Sentinels Alliance’s first target, the Regent sends reinforcements to Karbarra. His group commander then predicts (or guesses) the most likely point of defold, and arrays his forces appropriately.  Despite the Invid’s tactical advantage, Sentinels fleet prevails in a lopsided victory.8A
  • Invid occupation of Karbarra: civil and industrial base are left intact and set to producing weapons for the Invid. To insure compliance, the Invid hold the children of the Karbarran leadership hostage.8A

2024 January

  • Special Forces reconnaissance team dispatched to Karbarra, at the insistence of the Karbarrans. The team enters the occupied capital city through underground mining passages. Link up with Karbarran resistance fighters and discover the internment camp where the Invid are holding the Karbarran children.8A
  • While the Special Forces team is conducting its reconnaissance mission, Invid reinforcements arrive in Karbarra space. A brief battle ensues, with the Sentinels Fleet repelling the reinforcements.8A
  • Under duress, Tesla is forced to convince the planetary garrison that he has captured the Farrago and now holding the crew hostage. It works, and the ship is allowed to slip through Karbarra’s formidable planetary defenses, unmolested. Once inside the capital city’s defensive dome, REF forces on the Farrago launch an attack on the Invid garrison. Simultaneously, Karbarran resistance fighters and REF Special Forces launch an attack on the internment camp. Word of the liberation of the children spreads and the Karbarrans fall into open rebellion.8A
  • Karbarra is liberated.5

2024 February

  • Pop singer Lynn Minmei is appointed the head of Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR) on Tirol.8A

2024 March

  • General T. R. Edwards directly contacts the Invid Regent through channels provided to him by his captured Invid Brain. Evidence suggests that he passed classified materials relating to the Sentinels Fleet to Regent, in exchange for agreement to a summit on Tirol. 8A

2024 June

  • Monument to “Haydon” found on Karbarra. 8A
  • Doctor Emil Lang instructs the life-like android Janice Em to seduce the Tiresian scientist Rem, in order to gather intelligence on the Haydonites.8A
  • The REF and the Sentinels Alliance elect to keep the majority of their fleet at Karbarra, in order to protect the planets much needed ship yards from future attacks by the Invid. A reconnaissance task force consisting of the Karbarran ship Farrago, a Battle-class Super Dimensional Heavy Cruiser the UES Inchon, and ten Banshee class Destroyers is split off from the main Sentinels Fleet, commanded by Admiral Lisa Hayse-Hunter.

2024 July

  • After determining that the planet Praxis is unsuitable for cultivation of the Flower of Life, the Regess leaves Praxis for Haydon IV. Before leaving, she destroys nearly all Flowers of Life on Praxis. She leaves with roughly 10% of the planet’s population to work as slaves on a as yet unspecified Invid colony world. The other 90% percent of the Praxan population is liquidated. She then pushes one of Praxis’ moons into a retrograde orbit, in order destroy any remnants of the Flower of Life.8A

2024 August

  • The Farrago task force arrives to find Praxis abandoned. The task force command group makes land fall with to investigate further. While on the planet’s surface, the Regent’s forces fold into Praxis space in superior numbers, and destroy all twelve ships in the task force, stranding the survivors. After the battle, Regents forces return to Optera without bothering to mop up.4, 8A
  • General T.R. Edwards is informed of the attack by the Regent. The REF is lead to believe there are no survivors (which is the opinion of the Regent’s forces at least).8A

2024 December

  • The Regent sends a simulagent clone of himself to Tirol to attend the summit with the Plenipotentiary Council.4 While attending the summit, an assassination attempt carried out by disgruntled REF personnel on the Regent’s proxy.8A
  • Praxis is discovered to be geologically unstable due to the increasing proximity of its moon.8A
  • Tesla begins to “change” due to ingestion of locally grown fruits of the flower of life. 8A
  • The stranded members of the task force discover that one of the Banshee-class destroyers, the UES Ark Angel (not to be confused with the later Ark Angel-class Long Range Colony Ship), appears to be intact. Colonel Wolfe and a small crew are sent up to the ship to attempt to put it back in operation. While on the destroyer, Tesla and Perytonite Burak manage to commandeer the ship for their own, and fold away from Praxis. During the computation of fold coordinates, the android Janice Em intervenes and diverts to ship to Tirol.8A
  • Once on Tirol, Tesla and Burak are taken into custody by the REF.
  • Colonel Wolfe tries to convince the Plenipotentiary Council to send a ship to rescue the stranded Sentinels, but the council declines for fear of derailing the ongoing peace talks with the Regent (sic).8A
  • Doctor Emil Lang arranges for Colonel Wolfe to “steal” the damaged Banshee-class Destroyer he arrived in, so that he may at least have a chance to save the survivors of the task force.8A
  • Tesla manages to escape from his cell and then kills the Regent’s clone. Assassination gets blamed on the REF crew members who were planning to assassinate the Regent in the first place. Peace talks break down. Regent decides to “stay dead”.8A

2025 January

  • Lone Praxan survivor is discovered by the Sentinels.8A
  • Colonel Wolfe arrives in the UES Ark Angel just in time to rescue the survivors before the tidal forces of the planet’s moon tear Praxis apart. The ship then folds back to Karbarra to rejoin the Sentinels Main Fleet.4, 8A
  • Drawing from lessons learned from the Praxis debacle, REF comes to the informed decision that they cannot send under strength battle groups into possible combat situations with the Invid. Invid tactics, as it was discovered in the Praxis campaign, favored massing forces for fold ambushes. With this in mind, the REF decides that any battle group participating in a planetary assault must be large enough to fight off a large Invid force. To this end, they suspend all future combat operations until they expand the fleet enough to continue to guard Tirol and Karbarra, while still sending an adequate force to take the next objective.
  • The Garudan, Spherisian and especially the Peryton members of the Sentinels are not pleased by the delay in freeing their home worlds.
  • Garfish-class Super Dimensional Scout Cruiser (SCS) begin production and commissioning on the Robotech Factory Satellite and the Robotech Repair Satellite.4

2025 March

  • Commander Miriya Sterling gives birth to Maia Sterling.2, 8A

2027 February

  • The Ministry of Defense, on Earth, re-designates the REF the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF).2
  • Last VF/A-6 Alphas are divested and transferred to the UEEF, as they are replaced in UEDF service by the VF-8 Logan.

 2027 September

  • The UEEF sends a reinforced battle group to Garuda, consisting of a fleet of 70 ships. A scout team is dispatched to the planet’s surface after the fleet establishes space supremacy. They make contact with Garudan resistance fighters and remnants the Robotech Master forces in the tribal areas. They find that most of the planet is patrolled by inorganics due to the air’s toxicity. Garudans are being used for slave labor to harvest Flowers of Life.8A Garuda is the primary farm planet in the Invid’s controlled territories.
  • The scout team comes into contact with, and are captured by Invid. They are questioned about the location of the protoculture matrix, information of to which the soldiers are not privy. Team is tortured by  being forced to breath the local toxic air. The Invid determine that Rem, who is a member of the scout team, is a clone of Zor. Garrison commander decides to transport him to Haydon IV as a gift to the Regess.8A
  • Colonel Wolfe is on watch when the Invid transport carrying Rem departs the planet’s surface. He is drunk on duty at the time and allows the Invid ship to slip through the UEEF blockade. Colonel Wolfe is relieved of command.8A
  • UEEF interrogators induce the Invid scientist Tesla to reveal that the Invid can detect Protoculture emissions.8A
  • In a joint operation with the Garudan freedom fighters and left behind Bioroid pilots, the UEEF invades the planet with their main force, overcoming the Invid garrison and freeing the labor camps. The scout team is rescued and the badly effected members are evacuated back to the fleet. Invid decide to liquidate the labor camps during the fighting, but are unsuccessful.8A
  • During questioning of the Invid garrison commander, UEEF becomes aware that Tesla is wanted dead by the Regent.8A
  • Among those exposed to the Garudan atmosphere is Rear Admiral Rick Hunter. The task force decides to immediately fold for Haydon IV, after being promised by the Haydonite members of the Sentinels Alliance that they effected crewmembers could be successfully treated there.8A
  • Effected crewmembers are placed in stasis for the trip.

2027 October

  • Vice Admiral Breetai Kirandik fold to Karbarra with a shipment of monopole ore. The small flotilla is led by Kirandik’s command ship, the UES Valvarie.8A
  • The Haydonites brief the UEEF on Invid dispositions on Haydon IV, and Haydon IV’s planetary defenses. The government of Haydon IV is willingly hosting Invid forces, and will not tolerate any hostilities on the planet’s surface. As such, they strongly recommend that the UEEF not initiate an attack against the Invid, but rather allow them to negotiate with Haydon IV’s government for the suspension of the Invid’s visa. Furthermore, they assure the UEEF that they will be free to make planet fall without fear of molestation by the Invid.8A

2027 November

  • Regess interrogates Rem on Haydon IV using Haydonite technical questioning devices. Accesses Rem’s genetic memories, discerns that the original Zor sent the Protoculture Matrix to the UEEF’s home planet. She then uses Haydon IV’s extensive star charts to swag a general location for Earth and dispatches the Invid Sensor Nebula. Regess then departs Haydon IV.8A

2028 January

  • Regent’s entire fleet masses at Haydon IV.8A
  • The UEEF task force arrives under truce at Haydon.4 Immediately send all effected combat troops from the Garuda campaign down in a shuttle to be treated at Haydon IV’s medical facilities. Shuttle lands and is greeted by Vowad, Prince Administrator of Planetary Functions. Haydonites are obligated by law to render assistance. Hunter and company cured.8A
  • UEEF proposes a prisoner exchange: the Invid scientist Tesla for the Tiresian scientist Rem. The Invid are agreeable to this, however, before the exchange can take place, Tesla escapes. The Invid interpret this as a double cross and imprison all UEEF personnel on Haydon IV’s surface with the masses of Praxins also being held there. The Haydonites allow this to happen, as it is their policy to not intervene in the affairs of visiting foreigners. Leader of the Sentinels Haydonite delegation, Viedt, negotiates with Prince Administrator Vowad to intervene on the UEEF’s behalf.8A
  • Task force commanded by Commodore Rehnquist of the UES Tokugawa arrives in Haydon IV space from Tirol to reinforce the Sentinels. Rehnquist dies when the bridge of the Tokugawa is destroyed while running the Invid blockade, outside of the Haydon IV hostile action exclusion zone. Captain DaCruz of the UES Jutland takes command of the task force and joins with the Sentinels fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral Breetai Kirandik on the UES Valvarie.8A
  • A group of UEEF Marine Alphas are sent to the surface to attempt a rescue, but are shot down by Haydon IV’s planetary defenses. This provocative action by the UEEF harms Viedt’s argument for positive intervention on behalf of the Sentinels.8A
  • Janis Em revels herself to be an android and convince Price Administrator Vowad to grant her an audience with the planet’s Awareness. During this audience, she convinces the Awareness to not intervene in the rescue attempt of the imprisoned UEEF crew and the Praxins, much to Vowad’s chagrin. During the ensuing fighting, Prince Administrator Vowad’s Daughter (for lack of a better term) Serna is killed by the Invid. This convinces Vowad to turn the planet’s defenses against the Invid. 8A
  • The Invid fleet flees the before it can be destroyed by the combined UEEF and Haydon IV forces. Haydon IV is “liberated”.4, 8A
  • Tesla recaptured during the fighting. The Sentinels Alliance and UEEF command comes to the tentative decision to install Tesla as the new Regent after the successful conclusion of the war.8A

2028 February

  • Regent attempts an unsuccessful fold ambush on the last UEEF battle group as it leaves the Haydon IV exclusion zone. The battle group is saved by a Karbarran Fleet, commanded by Captain Torn of Karbarran Aerospace-craft Carrier Rrgryg. (The battle group had been held interned at Haydon IV by the Invid until the recent liberation.) The Rrgryg is destroyed in the fighting, however the ambush is successfully repelled.8A

2028 May

  • Civil disturbances take place in Tirisia, as locals protest the Plenipotentiary Council’s autocratic administration of Tirol. Protestors demand self-governance.8A

2028 August

  • VA-5 Condor enters series production.4

 2029 July

  • Spheris’ is liberation by the UEEF. When the Sentinels arrived on Spheris they find only a token occupation force. Nevertheless, because of the problems with using high-energy weapons on the planet, and the propensity of risia crystals to absorb and reflect energy beams, the battle for Spheris takes over a month. Finally, the last of the Invid forces are destroyed and the planet liberated.4, 8A
  • The Invid scientist Tesla commandeers the remains of the Invid garrison, and folds to launch an unsuccessful attack against the Regent on Optera.8A

December 2029

  • Roy Hunter is born on Tirol to Admirals Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayse-Hunter.8A

2030 May

  • VR-series Cyclone enters production.4
  • Restored to command, Colonel Wolfe leaves for Earth in the UES Marcus Antonius, with the 3rd Planetary Corps and the 5th Air Force Division, to support the UEDF. His voyage takes several months in real-space.4

2031 April

  • Tokugawa-class ship, UES Marcus Antonius, commanded by Colonel Johnathan Wolfe, returns to Earth with the Robotech Repair Satellite and a small battle group. 2C, 8F, 9
  • The UES Marcus Antonius evacuates Major Dana Sterling and other former members of her unit, as well as 175,000 triumvirate clone refugees. 2C, 9
  • Colonel Wolfe begins his assessment of Earth’s defensive posture.

2031 May 15

  • The Third Robotech War begins as the Invid arrive on Earth in an event known afterwards as the Invid Invasion.8F
  • Several ships manage to escape the invasion and head out to rendezvous with the UEEF in deep space with the intention to return to Earth to liberate it from Invid control.1

2032 AD

  • On Tirol, Tiresian scientist Rem succeeds in creating a new protoculture matrix.8A

2033 AD

  • UES Marcus Antonius returns to Tirol.2C

2034 AD

  • Karbarran shipyards are retooled and begin to constructing the latest generation of warships for the UEEF.5

2035 AD

  • On Haydon IV, the Haydonite Veidt and UEEF representative Exedore Folmo are present at the reawakening of the planets artificial intelligence, the Awareness.8A
  • The UEEF decides on a policy to patrol the local group and its fringes to remove the last of the Invid War Machine from it, before conducting the final assaults on Earth and Optera.4 UEEF fleets continue construction and the mop-up operation against the Regent’s remaining out posts commences.11
  • The planet Peryton is liberated; its ‘curse’ broken. The UEEF leaves a large peace keeping force to keep intra-sectarian fighting between Peryton’s two religious groups from erupting again.4



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