The Second Robotech War (Space War II)

The Second Robotech War (Space War II)

by Tim Wing

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2027 February

  • Robotech Masters send a single Azashar-class mother ship as an advance scout ship, folding it to Earth with a portion of their remaining protoculture.3

2027 June

  • The Robotech Masters advance party arrives in Earth space. After placing themselves in position on the far side of the Earth’s moon, they conduct a probing attack on New Aomori, Japan, in the Far East Sector. During the attack, the Robotech Masters’ forces capture Colonel B.D. Edwards, of the UEDF Tactical Armored Cavalry. The Science Masters Triumvirate create a clone of him for the express purpose of acting as an agent.3
  • After replacing the real Colonel Edwards, the clone takes it upon himself to transfer data from the RRG’s main server, located in New Tokyo, back to the Masters Mother Ship. 3

2027 July

  • Taking advantage of the nationalist tendencies of the predominately Japanese members of the local UEDF units, the clone of Colonel Edwards stages a military coup. The coup ultimately fails and the UEDF reasserts UEG control over Japan.3
  • Full scope of the amount of classified information leaked to the Robotech Masters unknown until after the failed coup attempt. Information included, but was not limited to, the location of the SDF-1’s remains, interstellar communications network and equipment capabilities.
  • The UEDF home fleet finally succeeds in destroying the Robotech Masters’ Mother Ship. The Tactical Space Corps suffers heavy losses, but is still lulled into a false sense of security by the relative ease at which the Protoculture depleted ship was destroyed.3

2028 December

  • YFH-10 Ajax begins operational testing with the TASC.4

2029 January

  • The Robotech Masters fleet arrives in the solar system and take up a position in orbit around Saturn. Shortly thereafter, contact with Earth’s Strategic Factory Satellite and Hyperspace Relay Outpost, Space Station Liberty, is lost due to heavy electronic jamming by the Robotech Masters’ fleet.1
  • Responding to loss of contact with Space Station Liberty, an Earth fleet comes under attack from the (as yet unidentified) Robotech Masters’ forces. Additional Earth forces arrive and the enemy fleet retreats after gathering battle data.1

2029 March

  • MBR-21 Basilisk enters production.4

2029 April

  • One of the Robotech Masters motherships enters Earth orbit and launches a probing attack against Earth defense forces near Monument City. The attack is repulsed, but the mothership remains in Earth orbit.1
  • In the face of imminent hostilities, the UEDF prepares its counterattack. Details about the enemy are announced to the public and the government and military prepare for war.1

2029 May

  • A combined attack by Earth’s defense forces against the Robotech Masters’ flagship results with heavy losses. The Masters retaliate, and attack a major military base near Monument City. The attack is successfully repelled by the quick action of several local units, but the weaknesses of the United Earth Forces against Masters have become apparent.1

2029 June

  • A mission is launched to reestablish the link between Earth and Space Station Liberty, its Moon Base counterpart and the Robotech Expeditionary Force in deep space. Despite heavy harassment by the Robotech Masters’ forces, the mission succeeds and contact between Earth and Liberty is temporarily reestablished via line of site laser transmission.1
  • Message arrives on Tirol requesting reinforcements from the UEEF to fight the Masters. The Plenipotentiary Council orders a relief expedition to be sent as soon as possible. 9 It is decided that a large force cannot be sent to Earth, for fear of leaving Triol and Karbarra vulnerable to attack by the Invid. Captain John Carpenter is dispatched in the Tokugawa-class UES Hannibal to assess the situation on Earth. Because of the uncertainty in fold navigation, his voyage takes several months utilizing a series of navigational waypoints.4

2029 August

  • An undeclared cease fire is broken when the Robotech Masters attack and destroy a UEDF base. Twenty human survivors are taken captive, leading to public outrage.1
  • Under pressure from government leaders in the UEG, General Anatole Leonard (Supreme Commander of the Army of the Southern Cross) orders an immediate retaliatory strike against the counsel of some of his advisors. The resulting attack against the Master’s mothership is a complete failure.1
  • Research proceeds on Robotech Masters technology. The Bioroid pilots are suspected of being captured and brainwashed humans by Earth scientists, and not micronized Zentraedi, as had been assumed. This information is kept top secret.1
  • A weakness in the Robotech Masters mothership is discovered and a squadron of hovertanks (15th Squadron, Alpha TAC Regiment) is air-dropped onto the hull of the Masters’ flagship to exploit this vulnerability. The attack is successful and the alien mothership is brought down and crashes to Earth within sight of Monument City.1
  • The 15th Squadron, Alpha TAC Regiment, led by Lieutenant Dana Sterling, succeeds in infiltrating the crashed mothership. Valuable intelligence is gathered from inside, including the capture of a Bioroid mecha.1

2029 September

  • Analysis of the captured Bioroid reveals much information about the Robotech Masters’ mecha as well as their use of Tiresian clones, not captured humans.1
  • Constant patrols begin around the downed flagship as debate within the general staff continues regarding the Masters and their true objectives toward Earth.1
  • The Robotech Masters launch attacks against the civilian populace of Monument City, and over two hundred prisoners are taken.1

2029 October

  • In their quest to find out more information about the humans on Earth, the Robotech Masters decide to insert Zor Prime, one of their prized clones of the original Zor, into human society as a spy. He is allowed to be captured during a battle in which the Masters successfully recover the mothership that had crash landed on Earth.1
  • A wounded Zor Prime is captured by the Global Military Police. With the cooperation of UEDF Chief of Staff, General Rolf Emerson, Zor is sequestered and receives medical attention in a secure location.1
  • The UES Hannibal arrives from deep space and is destroyed while ramming and destroying one of the Masters’ motherships. Field Marshall Leonard and General Emerson are informed that they cannot expect any immediate help from the Robotech Expeditionary Force due to defensive commitments on Tirol and Karbarra.1

2029 July

  • The Robotech Masters launch a clandestine expedition to excavate the ruins of the SDF-1. They are discovered by two UEDF soldiers on patrol. One soldier is captured and held in the Masters’ command vessel.1
  • An unauthorized mission is launched that succeeds in rescuing the captured soldier. During the ensuing battle, reinforcements arrive on both sides, and the fight quickly devolves into a stalemate. A Robotech Masters mothership arrives on the scene and the Bioroids and command vessel withdraw.1

2030 January

  • Under the direction of General Rolf Emerson, Zor Prime (who has been mistakenly identified as a captured and brain washed UEDF soldier) is assigned into a UEDF unit. It is hoped that a military environment will awaken his memories as a Bioroid pilot. 1st Lieutenant Dana Sterling’s 15th squad is chosen because of her part Zentraedi heritage, and because of her previous encounters with him in the field.1
  • Zor Prime overhears General Emerson’s comments that an attack by the Earth fleet is in preparation, and this information is intercepted by the Masters, who have implanted a neurosensor into Zor’s brain to monitor him and gather information on the human battle plans.1

2030 March

  • Earth launches its first major offensive against the Masters in space. With the Masters tipped off to the attack and to the strength of Earth’s forces by the implant in Zor Prime’s brain, it is quickly and soundly defeated, and the few surviving capital ships fall back to the ALuCE-1 base on the moon.1
  • Zor begins to remember the Triumvirate nature of the Robotech Masters. This is confirmed by observations made during the battle in space. 1st Lieutenant Dana Sterling and Zor Prime also discover the presence of alien flowers within the ruins of the SDF-1.1
  • UEDF Supreme Commander Field Marshall Leonard orders that a second assault wave be deployed with orders to link up with the remnants of the first assault wave and then launch a combined attack on the Masters.1

2030 April

  • The Robotech Masters, through information provided by their unwitting spy, Zor Prime, ambushes Task Force Cavalry One has been sent to relieve the battered remnants of the 1st Assault Wave. Despite the odds, the 1st Assault Wave and Task Force Cavalry One succeed in their counter attack, forcing the Robotech Masters to withdraw. Cavalry One proceeds to the moon and the remaining ships of the 1st Assault Wave safely return to Earth.1
  • General Rolf Emerson is appointed to lead the second major offensive against the Robotech Masters.1

2030 May

  • En route to the Moon, General Emerson’s force is attacked by a battlegroup of small Robotech Masters capital ships and Bioroids. After a vicious firefight, Emerson employs a dangerous technique known as an “Orbital Warp Blast” to defeat the Masters’ forces and is able to deliver troops and supplies to Moon Base Luna.1

2030 June

  • Along with reinforcements from deep space, General Emerson’s Second Offensive launches a combined attack on the Robotech Masters fleet, allowing the insertion of the 15th Squadron, Alpha TAC Regiment into the alien mothership. The Robotech Masters reassert their control over their clone, Zor Prime, and succeed in capturing the insertion team. Dana Sterling and her team manage to escape and rescue Zor Prime while also destroying the Masters’ mothership in the process. Both sides withdraw as a final decisive battle looms on the horizon.1
  • The situation for the Robotech Masters has become desperate. Their clones are becoming harder to control and increasingly unreliable while most of their protoculture pods have become infected by germinating Flowers of Life. The Masters resolve to recover the protoculture factory, locked within deep recesses of Zor’s battlefortress (now the ruins of the SDF-1.)1
  • The Invid Sensor Nebula arrives in Earth space, alerting the Robotech Masters to the imminent arrival of the Invid.
  • Triggered by being inside the ruins of the SDF-1, Zor Prime regains the memories of the original Zor, founder of the great Robotech civilization and creator of Robotechnology. Zor Prime vows to destroy the Robotech Masters and the protoculture matrix once and for all.1
  • Despite the Masters’ ultimatum demanding the humans leave Earth immediately, Field Marshall Leonard orders all forces to gather for a final assault. Casualties on both sides are heavy, with Leonard and General Emerson both being killed in action. Despite heavey losses, the Masters press on toward their objective: the ruins of the SDF-1.1
  • With the assistance of Dana Sterling and the 15th Squadron, Alpha TAC Regiment, Zor succeeds in having his revenge on the Masters and stops them before they can recover the protoculture. After ensuring that Dana and her friends are safely outside of the expected blast radius, Zor attempts to destroy the protoculture matrix by detonating the Masters flagship over the ruins of the SDF-1. However, Zor’s last valiant act only succeeds in releasing the spores of the Invid Flower of Life into the sky; spreading the protoculture far and wide instead of destroying it.1
  • The Second Robotech War ends.1
  • With the UEDF severely depleted, EBSIS is now the dominant world power.4
  • Massive population of Tiresian refugees is dumped on North America by the remaining Robotech Masters motherships.

2030 August

  • A triumvirate of second level Robotech Masters, after their mothership crashes in Burma at the end of the war, make contact with and take command of remnant Zentraedi Malcontents in the South East Asia Control Zone. These Masters embark on a plan to repair a Zentraedi ship and gather enough Flower of Life seeds to rebuild their empire.9
  • Yakuza consolidates control of the local Japanese government in post war New Tokyo. Japan drops out of the UEG.8F

2030 September

  • Reserve force built up on Moon Base ALuCE II.8F

2030 October

  • UEDF begins bolstering its forces with private contractors (mercenaries).

2030 November

  • Remaining Robotech Masters’ forces in North America and South East Asia continue to collect as much protoculture as they can, destroying the fields as they are harvested, to keep them from falling into Invid hands. 10B

2031 February

  • Attack on Site 626, Nevada, by remnant Robotech Master forces, commanded by a surviving second level Robotech Master, Dalmeric Khane. Attack responded to by Alpha TAC Regiment, Major Dana Sterling commanding. Major Sterling captured by Robotech Masters’ forces. Masters attempt to press Sterling into service utilizing the susceptible nature of her Zentraedi DNA.10B
  • Major Sterling, now controlled by the Robotech Masters, leads an attack on a protoculture refinery. Site defended by Lt. Dante of the 14th Squadron, Alpha TAC Regiment. Attack repelled by the timely use of indirect fires.10B
  • Colonel Marie Crystal leads an attack on the Robotech Masters’ base in Nevada, destroying their forces. Major Sterling is during the battle.10B

2031 April

  • Tokugawa-class ship, UES Marcus Antonius, commanded by Colonel Johnathan Wolfe, returns to Earth with the Robotech Repair Satellite and a small battle group. 2C, 8F, 9
  • The UES Marcus Antonius evacuates Major Dana Sterling and other former members of her unit, as well as 175,000 triumvirate clone refugees. 2C, 9
  • Summit at UEDF installation Pinnacle Base: all UEG member states, territories and several outside independent states meet to discuss the security situation. The EBSIS is conspicuous in its absence. The possibility of Invid attack, the EBSIS and what to do about the Flowers of Life head up the topics of discussion. The Defoliators Faction (a non-governmental lobby for defoliation of the Flower of Life) want to destroy all flowers and protoculture. (This lobby is led by Colonel Wolfe’s son, Johnathan Wolfe Jr.8F
  • The Summit decides to address the immediate threat of EBSIS aggression, rather than concentrate on rebuilding orbital defenses.

2031 May 13

  • EBSIS launches preemptive strike against West Germany, destroying Passau in a preemptive nuclear strike. EBSIS forces quickly pour through the pass near the ruins of Passau and the Fulda Gap with support from space based indirect fire. UEDF forces are quickly overwhelmed.4
  • Second Global Civil War begins.4



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