The Malcontent Uprisings and Reconstruction Era

The Malcontent Uprisings and Reconstruction Era

by Tim Wing

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2011 May

  • Earth atmospheric purification operation begins. A total of approximately one million survivors confirmed.6 (Note: Exact number of human survivors unknown. Estimates include 70,000,1A on the extreme low end. This number seems unlikely, given the pace at which Earth was rebuilt and its population recovered. Other estimates place the number much higher, in the 35 million range. This number is extremely unlikely as well. Here, the commonly accepted number of one million is listed.)

2011 July

  • Macross City reconstruction begins at the crater lake where the SDF-1 resides, near Thunder Bay, Ontario.6

2011 August

  • At the Lunar surface’s Apollo Base, SDF-2 construction resumes. At the same time, patrols of the Solar System begin. 6

2011 November

  • Rockwell International’s facility on Apollo Base begins producing VF-1 Valkyries.

2012 January

  • Re-establishment of United Nations of Earth Government (UNEG), later shortened to United Earth Government (UEG).1
  • In response to the massive influx of refugees from Great Briton, Ireland declares independence from the UEG, allowing them to block further refugee imigration.15
  •  Reconstruction efforts formally begin, including the forced assimilation of the remaining Zentraedi population. 1
  • Start of nature reclamation project. Earth ecosystem rehabilitation begins. Mass cloning of humans as well as animals and plants through the use of Protoculture technology begins. 6
  • Former UN Spacy officer Major Anatole Leonard forms a militia from remnants of UN Spacy forces in South America and Brazilian National Army troops at Camp Esperanza, in Brazil.5  Major Leonard and his militia are later folded into the newly reestablished Brazilian Army. Leonard receives a commission and is instrumental in the rebuilding of the post was Brazilian Army.

2012 May

  • The New Empire of Greater Zimbabwe established by former South African officers in what was once known as Zimbabwe.9

2012 October 5

  • Maximilian and Miriya Sterling give birth to the first stellar interracial child. She is named Dana Sterling.1

2012 December

  • Repairs to Breetai’s flagship are completed, and it is re-commissioned as the first battleship of the new UN Spacy.1
  • First Geneva class Super Dimensional Guided Missile Cruiser (SCG) completed at Moonbase Luna.4
  • Micronization rate of Zentradi survivors exceeds 50%.6

2013 AD

  • The tropical and subtropical terrains begin to recover. It is in these jungles and rain forests that many of the Zentraedi rebels and malcontents take refuge.

2013 May

  • The Robotech Masters conclude that Dolza’s Zentraedi fleet has been lost and prepare to depart for Earth to try to retrieve the protoculture factory for themselves.1
  • Further genetic studies by human scientists support the hypothesis of a common origin between humans and the Zentraedi.1
  • Zentraedi Lord Khyron, hiding out in his wrecked vessel in the arctic, becomes aware of Zentraedi dissatisfaction, and sets about to gather all refugee Zentraedi willing to fight.1

2013 July

  • Rebel Zentraedi forces, led by Lord Khyron, capture a protoculture sizing chamber and begin macronization of Zentraedi disillusioned with life on Earth. Khyron’s ranks swell and armed resistance by the Zentraedi breaks out all over the world.1 Generally accepted beginning of the Malcontent Uprisings.

2013 June

  • A combined Earth-Zentraedi force succeeds in capturing an immense Robotech Factory and transports the facility back to Earth. 1

2013 August

  • Giant Zentradi riots begin breaking out in all parts of Earth. Patrols begin to maintain public law and order.9
  • Part of UN Spacy’s VF1 “Skull” squadron sent to South America to train Brazilian and other South American Air Force pilots on new combat routines. Lieutenant Commander Max Sterling commanding.11

2013 September

  • Drafting of Humankind Emigration Project begins. Both super-long-distance colonization by means of specially-designed large colonization ships and close-range colonization are considered. 6
  • Study of plan for voyage to Robotech Masters’ home-world begins.9
  • An Islamist militia led by the Cleric Sayad Abdullah begins a violent insurrection in Mali, Africa.9

2013 October

  • Skull squadron recalled from South America. 11
  • Robotech Masters depart for Earth. Uncertain of Earth’s exact coordinates, their initial fold-jump gets them within twenty light-years of Earth, but without sufficient energy to complete the trip, except by sub-light drives. 9

2013 November

  • Attack on new Detroit.11
  • First Banshee-class Destroyers (SDD) produced in the L5 orbital factories, on Moonbase Luna and in the Yarrow aerospace yards.4
  • Khyron’s forces the pop star Lynn Minmay hostage. Successful rescue operation is mounted by the UN Spacy.11
  • Bureau Six established as the UEG’s top intelligence agency.9

2013 December 25

  • Khyron launches a strike on the industrial sector Onogi City to capture a reaction engine power condenser, the final component he needed to bring his ship online.6

2014 AD

  • Garuda finds itself once again under attack, this time by the Invid Regent’s fleet.
  • Tokugawa Class Super Dimensional Carrier (SCV) built in the Moon Base Luna shipyards.4

2014 January

  • Battle of New Macross City, Zentraedi rebel Lord Khyron is killed in a suicide attack, successfully destroying both the SDF-11 while simultaneously his forces attack and destroy the newly completed SDF-2 at Moonbase Apollo.4
  • Humankind emigration project publicly announced2 as well as the project for travel to the Robotech Master’s home world of Tirol.11

2014 February

  • The threat of radiation from the Zentraedi Monitor commanded by Khyron and the unsalvaged remains of the SDF-1, forces the site of the final battle to be declared off limits. The remains of the two ships and New Macross City are buried under mounds of concrete and dirt.9
  • Limited resources forced the majority of Khyron’s and Azonia’s Zentraedi army to remain behind in the South American Sector when their leaders made their deadly, last assault. Leaderless, the Zentraedi army has splintered into hundreds of tiny factions. Fighting between these factions is heavy, as new leaders fight their way to dominance.9
  • The militia of Sayad Abdullah consolidates power, taking over most of Mali, Guinea and Liberia. Establish the Islamic Caliphate of the Islamic African Peoples Republic. Declares independence from the UEG, enforces Sharia Law.9
  •  VF-4 program begins.6

2014 March

  • The sight of The Battle of New Macross (now designated SX Point 832) is declared a historic landmark.9
  • VF1 “Skull” squadron transferred to Fokker Field.

2014 July

  • Several Nations, to include the Soviet Union (now part of the Eastern Block Independent States) declare independence of the UEG.9, 11

2014 August

  • First Angel-class colonization ship completed.6
  • Ecuador absorbed by Peru, forming a single administrative area under the UEG.9
  • Zentraedi Control Zone is defined. U.N. Spacy, Brazilian National Army, US Army and other coalition partners surround the Zentraedi with forces and try to minimize the Zentraedi threat. 11
  • The Disputed Zone, or African Zentraedi Control Zone, is defined in central Africa.9
  • The South East Asia Control Zone is defined in and around Burma and Thailand. Though a known area of Zentraedi activity, not much is ever done about it. The Zentraedi in this area mainly keep to themselves, and the area is of low strategic interest to the UEG.9
  • The Indonesia Control Zone defined. This area is aggressively cleared by the UN Spacy.9
  • Skull squadron liberates the South American Grand Cannon.11
  • UN Spacy Africa Command (UNSPAC) headquarters established at Fort Niamey, near Niamey, Niger.9

 2014 September

  • The UES Angel launches as part of the first long-distance colonization fleet. Construction of follow-on Angel-class super-long-distance colonization ships continues at a slow rate.2, 6

2014 October

  • The South East of Brazil succeeds, forming the independent nation of As Terras Altas (The Highlands).9
  • The UEG joint forces South American Strategic Command (SASTRAC) is headquartered in Maracaibo, Columbia. UN Spacy Headquarters South established at San Luis Airport, Argentine Quadrant.9
  • Captain Wolfe is stationed in Brazil, assumes command of “Wolf Pack” (C Troop, 1st Cavalry Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, U.N. Spacy). 11
  • The Kingdom of Manchuria breaks away from China, declares independence from UEG.9

 2014 November

  • EBSIS establish a permanent base near the Aswan Dam, in the People’s Republic of Egypt.9

2015 January

  • The Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force (REF) is formed as a branch of the UN Spacy. Charged with surveying habitable planets in the local group for colonization and proofing navigable routes to the Robotech Master’s homeworld.5
  • The Ethiopian Free Holding, established in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia) by American expat John Needleman II, declares its independence from the UEG.9
  • The Heavy Cruiser UES Tristar, first ship of her class, built at the Robotech Factory Satellite (now designated Space Station Equality).4

2015 February

  • Brazilian National Army rises to become the dominant military in the region, surpassing the UN Spacy. Among its ranks is General Anatole Leonard, formerly of the UN Spacy.
  • Large scale construction projects in the town outside of Fokker Field, soon to be renamed Monument City, begin.11

2015 March

  • REF survey fleet secures the Robotech Repair Satellite, which is found abandoned in the vicinity of Barnard’s Star System. (Speculation is that it was left here by the Zentraedi Main Fleet during Dolza’s attack to act as a relay point and repair facility after the expected victory. This of course did not happen, and the satellite was abandoned.) Though depleted, the task force manages to fold the Repair Satellite back to Earth-space.
  • A second rash of rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins. Stricter laws enacted for the sake of maintaining law and order.1
  • Forced relocation of the Zentraedi to where they can be monitored more closely. Creation of the Arkansas Protectorate as a “reservation” for full sized Zentraedi.1, 8B
  • South American Grand Cannon captured back from Zentraedi Malcontents by Lt. Commander Max Sterling, commander of VF1 Skull Squadron. 8B

2015 March 27

  • Construction of the UES Pioneer (SDF-3) begins at Space Station Equality (the Robotech Factory Satellite) orbiting Earth.9
  • Production of the VF-1 series ends. During the final product’s rollout, a commemorative paint scheme is applied. 6
  • The Alpha Veritech Program suffers a setback when the first prototype crashes in testing. 11

2015 April

  • The Free Nation of Quebec (La Nation Libre de Québec) declares independence from Canada and the UEG.9

2015 May

  • Food shortages in South America lead to confrontations between humans and Zentraedi at food distribution points. 8B
  • Executive Order 15-77 passed by the UEG. Gives UN Spacy and local forces authority to disperse any gathering deemed to have the possibility of turning violent. 8B
  • The Zentraedi controlled Arkansas Protectorate declares itself an independent nation. Only the EBSIS and a few other non-UEG aligned states recognize its autonomy. Its political status in the world remains in limbo.9
  • Hostile Zentraedi activity increases in the Indonesia Control Zone and the African Disputed Zone.9
  • Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana unite to form a single nation, member of the UEG.9
  • Cali established as the new Capital of Columbia.9

2015 July

  • Brasilia Massacre: Food riots in Zeetown (Zentraedi ghetto in Brasilia). Riots put down violently by Brazilian National Army, at the order of then Lieutenant Colonel Anatole Leonard. 1100 Zentraedi dead. UEG tries to cover up the event. Max and Miriya go public. 8B
  • First use of the term Malcontent Uprisings in the media, though the name would later be applied to Zentraedi hostilities dating back to the beginning of the reconstruction period.8B

2015 August

  • Soviet (EBSIS) Spetsnaz special purpose forces conduct a raid on a UN Spacy facility and capture a Protoculture generator. EBSIS denies that the action was carried out by their forces, placing the blame internal separatist forces.11
  • UEG places sanctions on EBSIS, embargoing their oil and natural gas imports into Western Europe.
  • Soviets begin to produce their own mecha.11
  • Zentraedi leave southland cities in droves, forming independent guerrilla bands separated by sex. 8B

2015 November

  • Argentina fragments into three countries: Argentine Territorial Sector, Alta Argentina (Upper Argentina) and  El Vencedor.9
  • UN Spacy re-establishes control over Arkansas Protectorate. Zentraedi still have local authority, but are forcibly made a member state of the UEG.8B
  • An inhabitable planet is surveyed by the REF 11.7 light years from the Solar System in the Groombridge 34 Star System. It is named Eden. Preparations for colonization of Eden begin. UEG announces its plans and offers generous incentives for relocation.6
  • Construction of Expeditionary Forces vessels continues in preparation for large scale mission to find the home world of the Robotech Masters.1

2016 AD

  • Invid arrived on Spheris.4
  • First Valivarre Class Super Dimensional Battleship (SBB) commissioned, built at the Robotech Factory Satellite.4
  •  The People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (which had absorbed the mostly decimated Republic of Korea after the 1st Robotech War) become full members of the Eastern Block of Soviet Independent States.15

 2016 January

  • Preliminary navigational surveys are conducted by REF long-range advance scout vessels, laying the groundwork for the main Reconnaissance Expeditionary Force.1
  • More nations declare independence of UEG. The York Commonwealth (derisively called the York Barony) succeeds from the United States.11
  • Construction of UN Spacy Headquarters Europe begins at the abandoned Dagali Airport in central Norway.9

2016 February

  • Cairo Summit: Representatives from a dozen Malcontent groups meet in the ruins of Cairo in an attempt to unify the scattered bands. UN Spacy attack kills and scatters the survivors before a decision is made. 8B
  • Lea Carson is appointed governor of Cavern City. Major Johnathan Wolfe and 1-3 Cavalry assigned to do a defense assessment. Makes use of old Centaur hover tanks from the Grand Cannon garrison. 8B

2016 April

  • UN Spacy General Zhu Lwen, Brigadier General Lester McMillan and Colonel Henrique Da Silva attempt a military coupe, briefly seizing power in Lagos, Nigeria. The rebellion is put down later that month by a joint force of UN Spacy and US Army Special Operations.9
  • Launch of a close-range colonization fleet bound for planet Eden in the Groombridge 34 System.6

2016 June

  • First appearance of Improvised Combat Vehicles (ICVs, or Stingers) in the South American Zentraedi Control Zone.8B
  • Zentraedi Malcontents stage fire bombings in Monument city. Eight dead. 8B

2016 July

  • UES Angel’s communications cease near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. (News about this ship is not publicized.)6
  • Many “suspect” full-size Zentraedi in North America interned at Detainment Centers. Forced to undergo micronization. 8B
  • Camp Alpha Incident: 32 die from micronization process (dispute over whether it was from the Zentraedi being traumatized by forced micronization, or if it was a faulty chamber). More die of hunger and disease later. Peak population at Camp Alpha was 1396 in July of 2016. This was in a camp originally set up for 1000 individuals. 8B

2016 September

  • 23rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment formed, an all Zentraedi unit. 8B

2016 October

  • Malcontent group “Steal Wind” attacks Camp Alpha with 60 Zentraedi dissidents. Attack fails, but camp is soon thereafter disbanded. 8B
  • Most old Zentraedi weapons, battle pods, etc. in UEG controlled territories rounded up and de-milled by this time. 8B


  • OTEC Corporation dissolves under bankruptcy. 6
  • After earning doctorates in flight and bio-electronic engineering, former Boddole Zer Zentraedi Main Fleet technician Algus Selzer is invited to be a project advisor at General Galaxy at its founding. 6

2017 January

  • Oasis, in Congo, is destroyed by rebel Zentraedi with a nuclear device.8B

2017 February 5 (Founder’s Day)

  • Monument, outside of Fokker Field and near the ruins of New Macross City, is officially renamed Monument City. Becomes the new seat of power for the UEG, replacing Stockholm Sweden.5

2017 March

  • Capture of 200 ICVs at the “Scavenger” Malcontent band’s fabrication facility in the Control Zone.8B

2017 June

  • Launch of “Lorelei” a communications satellite broadcasting propaganda messages from Lynn Minmei. 8B
  • The city state of Mumbai declares independence form the UEG. Maintains affiliated status there-after.15

 2017 August

  • Attempted hijacking of SDF-3 on the Robotech Repair Satellite by Zentraedi members of the UN Spacy who are Malcontent sympathizers. 8B
  • Theofre Elmekk, the Zentaerdi Officer who led the attempted hijacking, put on public trial. Coverage suspended due to rioting. 8B

2017 October

  • Development of the new Destroids begins.11

2017 November

  • VQ-6 Vandal pilotless prototype completed and tested.11

2018 March

  • UN Spacy strike on Malcontent Base inside the EBSIS border, in Eastern Europe. EBSIS accused of aiding the Malcontents.8B

2018 June

  • Operation Goliath: military incursion into the Control Zone (South America) to seize a resizing chamber. Operation fails with heavy casualties. 8B

2018 July

  • The Malcontent group “Paranka” captured and disbanded. 8B

2018 August

  • Development of the VHT-1 Spartas hover tank begin.11
  • Commander Max Sterling shot down over Oasis. Captured by Malcontent Zentraedi. Escapes and is rescued next day. 8B
  • Lieutenant Commander Miriya Sterling disappears and is declared AWOL. Brazilian Government and UEG Senator Wyatt Moran push for an arrest warrant.8B
  • VF1 “Skull” Squadron assigned to Cavern City, French Guiana, near the site of the old South American Grand Cannon.8B

2018 September

  • The basic framework of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) established at the Southern Cross Treaty Conference in Darwin Australia. Conference was attended by envoys from all UEG member states. It is decided that the UN Spacy and all member state militaries would be consolidated under one military command. Implementation set for January 2019. This military comes to be known as the Army of the Southern Cross Treaty, or simply the Southern Cross.11
  • Myanmar15, Israel, Philippines and Switzerland declare independence from the UEG.
  • Cargo plane in-route to Cavern City brought down by Malcontents. The group “Shroud” is thought to be responsible. VF-1 “Skull” Squadron and 1-3 Cavalry “Wolf Pack” conduct a raid on their base of operations inside the Control Zone. Three crewmen from the downed plane and several members of Skull Squadron and Wolf Pack are infected with an unknown illness.8B
  • Lieutenant Commander Miriya Sterling is taken prisoner at the Malcontent group “New Unity’s” camp in the Zentraedi Control Zone. Escapes, but is later recaptured by the “Scavengers” Malcontent group.8B
  • Unknown illness contracted by 1-3 Cavalry spreads to the civilian populace in Cavern City. As Cavern City devolves into chaos, Governor Lea Carson contemplates asking for assistance from the Brazilian National Army (BNA). Infection does not seem effect Zentraedi. 8B
  • A BNA unit lead by Colonel Anatole Leonard arrives. BNA brutally restores order. 8B
  • Sizing chamber located at a Malcontent base outside of Mexico City is destroyed by the UN Spacy and the Mexican Army.8B
  • Cavern City placed under quarantine. UN Spacy units stationed there break quarantine, with their families. Armed confrontation ensues between these UN Spacy personnel and the Brazilian National Army.8B

2018 October

  • Second Malcontent summit takes place at the Scavengers base in the middle of the Control Zone. Bio-weapon created by the Scavengers is revealed to the other attending Malcontent groups. The virus effects 90% of humans who come into contact with it, driving them mad, then killing them through fever. During the summit, Lieutenant Commander Miriya Sterling makes her escape in a commandeered ICV. 8B
  • Lieutenant Commander Miriya Sterling is debriefed by Bureau Six and Alta Argentine Army Intelligence. Bio-weapon found to be based on a biological agent created by the Central African Union during the Global Civil War. 8B

2018 November

  • Joint UN Spacy and Brazilian National Army assault on the Scavengers base deals a crushing blow to the Malcontent Uprising. 8B

2018 December

  • War Crimes Tribunal convenes in Monument City. Finds captured Malcontent fighters Marla Stenik and Jinas Treng guilty of crimes against humanity. (Stenik was the deputy of Seloy Deperra, leader of the Scavengers. Jinas masterminded the construction of the atomic bomb that destroyed the city of Oasis.) All are found guilty of insurrection, terrorism and thirty four separate violations of the Emergency Reconstruction Act.8B
  • In a move to appease Zentraedi sentiments, the defendants are allowed execution by Kara-Thun (Death-Dance, or Trial by Combat). Rear Admiral Breetai Kridanik and Lieutenant Commander Miriya Sterling conduct the execution at New Albuquerque Base.8B

2019 January 1

  • UEDF becomes the official Army of the United Earth Government. 8B

2019 February

  • MBR-13 Salamander enters production.4

2019 August

  • VHT-1 Spartas enters series production.4

2020 AD

  • El Vencedor and Alta Argentine reunify and the Merchant República. Declare independence from the UEG.9
  • New Edwards Test Flight Centre established as a weapons testing center on Eden.6
  • VF/A-6 Alpha enters production. Serves with the REF and the UEDF TASC and TAF.4

2021 AD

  • GMP academy founded at Fort Grorie, OH (near Zainesville OH).12B

2022 AD

  • Personnel for REF selected: 300,000 humans, 40,000 Zentraedi.11

2022 December

  • VF/A-6 Alpha and YBF-1 Beta docking first tested with mixed success by pilots Commander Max Sterling and 2nd Lieutenant Karen Penn.11
  • UES Pioneer (SDF-3) launches and takes its position as the flagship of the REF, marking the official start of the “Pioneer” mission.1

2023 AD

  • Sapphire City established on the moon, as a self-contained civilian habitat.12B

2023 January

  • Captain Rick Hunter and Admiral Lisa Hayse marry on the Robotech Repair Satellite.8A
  • Pioneer Mission departs for Tirol, 75% of troops in stasis for the voyage.8A The Pioneer mission consists of four Battle Groups: the Mercury Battle Group consisting of the UES Pioneer and five Valivarre class ships, and the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Battle groups which consisted of 102 Banshee class, 4 Geneva-class, 30 Battle-class, 22 Tristar-class and 6 Tokugawa-class ships… 164 ships total.

2023 November

  • Senator Wyatt Maron’s elected Prime Minister by the UEG General Assembly. 8A

2023 December

  • The Robotech Factory Satellite and the Robotech Repair Satellite fold to provide support to the Pioneer mission.4
  • Regess conducts biological experiments on live Praxins in the Genesis Pit located on Praxis.8A

2025 May

  • The Giles Academy (headed by Dr. Giles) demonstrates the ability remotely access an Alpha’s flight control computer and override the pilot’s inputs.8E


2027 February

  • The Ministry of Defense, on Earth, re-designates the REF the United Earth Expeditionary Force (UEEF).2
  • Last VF/A-6 Alphas are divested and transferred to the UEEF, as they are replaced in UEDF service by the VF-8 Logan.

 2027 March

  • The Eastern Bloc of Soviet Independent States, in coalition with their Middle Eastern satellite states, begin to expand into the oil rich territories of the northern Saudi peninsula. The campaign was well over before the UEDF had a chance to react.4

2027 April

  • The Soviets placate their Arab allies by undertaking the “liberation” of Palestine. Israel, not an actual member of the UEG, chose to accept the help of the UEDF at the price of their independence.4

2027 August

  • Port Miami Naval Base built by the UEDF Naval Corps.6

 2028 December

  • YFH-10 Ajax begins operational testing with the TASC.4



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