Soarovela (A-FP1) Aerospace Fighter Pod

Fighter Pod Type 3
Soarovela (A-FP1) Fighter Pod Aerospace Fighter Attack Plane

by Tim Wing

Fighter Pod Type 2The Soarovela (disgnated the A-FP1 by the UEDF) was the forerunner to the modern day Gnerl Fighter Pod. The lineage is obvious, as the Gnerl was a development of this original type. Its primary distinguishing features are the split canopy, three missile ports on each side and the bottom, and the lack of the Gnerl’s all spectrum sensor suit on the nose. The Soarovela entered service in the early 16th Century, and as of the First Robotech War had been all but replaced in main-line Zentraedi Fleets by the Gnerl.



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Original artwork by: Tim Wing, based on original production sketches by Shoji Kawamori, Miyatake Kazutaka, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Hidetaka Tenjin.

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