Maxwell Dynamics VAC-X-10 VAG Veritech Multi-role Fighter

VAC-X-10A 11

Maxwell Dynamics VAC-X-10 VAG Veritech Multi-role Fighter, Experimental

by Tim Wing

VAC-X-10C 2The Variable-technology Attack Gunship (VAG) was a proposed VF/A-6 Alpha Fighter and VA-5 Condor replacement designed by Maxwell Dynamics in the early thirties. Among its features was the integration of a VH-series Veritech hover cycle into the cockpit. With this system, the pilot wore his Cyclone WHILE piloting the VAG. While this certainly improved pilot survivability, every single test pilot who flew the fighter absolutely hated it. In the end, it was decided by the UEEF that the VAG did not offer a significant enough improvement over the VF/A-6 Alpha. Still, the program was not a total lose, as many of the systems introduced on the VAG were later incorporated into the later blocks of Alpha fighters.



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