Joint Moon Base Copernicus

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Joint Moon Base Copernicus, Oceanus Procellarum, Earth’s Moon

By Tim Wing

Moon Base Copernicus was first constructed by the UN in the years after the arrival of the SDF-1. It was originally meant to be a research station and colony. In 2007, it became home to a UN Spacy contingent with the basing of several Oberth-class Space Destroyers and a squadron of SF-3 Lancers. The surrounding areas also became training areas for Lunar Destroid operations. Through the post war period, the base was occupied by several UEDF units; most notable of these was the 1st Test and Evaluation Squadron. After the Invid Invasion, the base became something of a refugee camp. Later it was re-occupied by the remnants of the 21st Mars Division after their failed attempt to retake the Earth from the Invid. Today, Joint Base Copernicus serves as the primary off planet training area for the UENF Home Fleet.

  • 12Type: Space Research Colony Station and Military Space Port
  • Location: Copernicus Crater, eastern Oceanus Procellarum, Earth’s Moon
  • Coordinates: 9.62°N 20.08°W
  • Controlled by: UN Spacy 2000-2017, UEDF Tactical Space Corps 2018-2032, UEEF 2042-2045, UENF Home Fleet 2045-current
  • Initial Construction: July 2000
  • In use: 2007–2032, 2042-present
  • Garrison: Joint Base Copernicus
  • Population: 2029 – 8,400 military; 5,600 civilian
  • Tennant Units: 2029 – 52rd Space Fighter Wing (UEDF Tactical Armored Space Corps), 1st Test and Evaluation Squadron (UEDF Tactical Armored Space Corps), 3rd Fleet (UEDF Tactical Space Corps)



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Original artwork by: Tim Wing

Source: Return of the Masters (The Robotech RPG Book Six) Paperback – Jul 1989, by Jonathan Frater and Wayne Breaux

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