Jisaina Li Battle and Defense Robot

Armored Walker Type 1, Jisaina LiJisaina Li (AW-BD1 Armor Walker) Battle and Defense Robot

by Tim Wing

The Jisaina Li Armored Walker was a heavy assault mecha used by the Zentraedi. Roughly twice the wieght of a Regult Battle Pod, it mounted four heavy particle beam cannons and six multi-purpose laser cannons. Compared to the Regult, the Jisaina Li was slower, non-jump capable and had only limited abilities to maneuver in space. It made up for this with massive amounts of armor and firepower. The Jisaina Li was a common sight among Zentraedi Garrison forces on Tirolian Mercantile Empire colony planets where there were none pacified indigenous populations. Though not seen during the First Robotech War, some were salvaged by insurgent groups and used during the Malcontent Uprisings.



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Original artwork by: Shoji Kawamori, Miyatake Kazutaka, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Hidetaka Tenjin

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