Invid Carrier Reference File

Mollusk-class 21Invid Carrier1

Also known as: Clam Carrier, Shell Door Carrier1, Invid Mollusk Carrier3, Shell-Dor4

Mollusk-class Main File


  • Government: Invid
  • Ship type: Space Mecha Carrier1
  • Class: Unknown
  • Compliment: 450 booster equipped Invid Scout or Fighter Scout (Iigaa) mecha.1, 3 Other Invid mecha can also be carried, but in smaller numbers.1


  • No Further Information (NFI)


  • NFI


  • Length: 155 meters1, 3
  • Width: 122 meter1, 3
  • Height: 52 meters1, 3
  • Mass: 5670 tons (operational) 1, 3


  • Range: Sublight – Earth-Lunar transit capability. 1

Main Machinery

  • Main thruster: 3x unknown rear facing2
  • Anti-gravity units: unknown number and composition1
  • Additional: unknown number of plasma thrusters for opening the main doors1


None, save for up to 450 Invid Scout (Iigaa) aerospace mecha, which can immediately be deployed in any environment.1


The Invid Carrier is the only confirmed Invid vessel class seen on Earth during the Invid Occupation, save for possibly the remarkable Hives.1

Apparent function is that of a high speed surface to space mecha transport. It accomplishes this task more efficiently than any other known contemporary vessel.1

The Invid carrier is not invulnerable to anti-ship weaponry used by UEEF capital ships and mecha.1

The Invid Carrier is shaped like a clam, with two large hinged doors on the ventral and dorsal sides. Doors are opened by dedicated plasma thrusters. Once open, all carried mecha can launch in unison. Located centrally in the ship is a square hull section that houses the anti-gravity units.1

Invid Scout (Iigaa) mecha attack by ramming targeted enemy capital ships and mecha. This tactic is analogous to a ship firing 450 anti-ship missiles in one volley. The Invid Carrier, and all mecha carried, were vulnerable to attack if the ship was engaged before it had an opportunity to launch its mecha.1 A preferred tactic by the UEEF focused on destroying these Invid Carriers before they could deliver their contents.3 During combat, Invid Carrier losses were typically at a one to one ratio to destroyed UEEF capital ships.1

Invid Carriers were considered expendable. In combat they were typically destroyed after they after they released their mecha payload.1


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