Haydonite Light Cargo Shuttle

Observation Shuttle 1Haydonite Light Cargo Shuttle

by Tim Wing

Shuttle Reference File

  • Role: Light Cargo Shuttle
  • Introduction: Unknown, presumed to be several centuries ago
  • Status: In service
  • Primary Users: Haydon IV
  • Number Built: Unknown


The light cargo shuttle was designed and fielded by the Haydonites. Though it is unknown when the shuttle was first designed and built, it is believed that it was several centuries ago. However, due to the ancientness of the Haydonite civilization, this design could just as easily be thousands of years old. Gaining information on the shuttle, or any Haydonite equipment, is notoriously difficult given the recalcitrance of the Haydonites. All requests for information by this publication were flatly rejected by the Office for Interstellar Trade (their public relations department and the only office that communicates with non-government affiliated out-worlders) on Haydon IV.



Observation Shuttle 2The shuttle is in the shape of a tapered cylinder with a thick transparent bubble canopy on top. A large disc separates the canopy from the cargo hold. It is possible that this disk is part of the anti-gravity propulsion system, or it my merely act as an airfoil. At the base of the main body are six spheres, which are known to be part of the vessel’s anti-gravity system.

A large combination door/ramp extends from the main body for loading and unloading of cargo. The inner cargo compartment is six meters high by three meters at the base and about six meters at the top. A bulkhead separates the cargo compartment from the crew compartment, and has a hatch for pass through. Since the Haydonites fly rather than walk, there is no provision for a ladder to get from the cargo hold to the crew compartment.


The shuttle is powered by a very powerful antigravity system. This system is the prime motive power for flight, and is sufficient to allow the shuttle to escape Haydon IV’s gravity well. (Haydon IV has a planetary mass of about 1.12 that of the Earth.) The shuttle has an observed top speed of Mach 1, however the ship may be capable of significantly faster speeds.

The power source is presumed to be protoculture based, but no actual information is available to confirm this. Whatever the power source is, its energy output must be immense in order to allow the craft to lift the amount of cargo which has been observed.

Avionics and flight controls

It is unknown whether the flight control system is fully automated or if it requires input from the Haydonite crew. It is suspected that the shuttle is fully autonomous, but the craft has never been observed flying without a Haydonite occupant.

The shuttle is confirmed to have a radar system, as radar emissions have been detected emanating from the craft. It is no known if this radar is simply used for short range maneuvering guidance, or if it is long range navigational radar. No other sensors are confirmed for this craft.

The shuttle is confirmed to have a Shadow Cloaking device. It was the presence of this device that prompted the UEEF to request a technology sharing deal with the Haydonites. This request was rejected until late in the Sentinels Campaign. This system has the ability to mask most electromagnetic emissions, by shifting them into them into super space.


There have been no reports of this craft mounting any armament.

Observation Shuttle 3Operational history

Several examples of this craft were used by the Sentinels Coalition during their campaign against the Invid. While in use, they were used primarily used for ship to planet insertion of Special Forces Teams. The shuttle was ideally suited to this task, due to its Shadow Cloaking technology. Additionally, due to its impressive lifting capability, the shuttle was used in several instances as a recovery vehicle. It had the ability to lift at least three damaged mecha at a time into orbit, via sling load.

The light cargo shuttle is still in use on its home planet of Haydon IV and with the Haydonite Fleet.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1, possibly autonomous
  • Width, main body: 5.8 meters
  • Width, disc: 8.9 meters
  • Height: 12.3 meters
  • Empty weight: 15,000 kg
  • Max TO weight: Unknown, 60,000 kg observed
  • Powerplant: Unknown


  • Maximum speed: Mach 1 (1100 km/h), observed
  • Combat radius: presumed unlimited
  • Service ceiling: trans-atmospheric
  • Rate of climb: 305 m/s, observed


  • Radar
  • Shadow Cloaking device



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Sources: Robotech II: The Sentinels REF Field Guide, by Kevin Siembieda

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