Golg Savas Shuttle/Anti-ship Aerospacecraft

Golg Savas AG1 Gunship Anti-ship Aerospacecraft 4

Golg Savas (AG1) Shuttle/Anti-ship Aerospacecraft

by Tim Wing

The Golg Savas Gunship was a late Zentraedi Border Fleet littoral designed specifically for protecting garrison worlds from Invid capital ships and troop carriers, in the absence of Zentraedi battle groups. Though the Golg Savas was based on a fast transport shuttle, with its two heavy ion cannons, it was more than able to engage and destroy Invid ships. The Golg Savas had a five man crew, plus it retained its passenger compartment and was able to transport up to fifty full size Zentraedi. At 420 meters long it was roughly the same size as a UN Spacy Oberth-class Destroyer.


  • Golg Savas AG1 Gunship Anti-ship Aerospacecraft 1Equipment Type: Light Passenger Shuttle/Anti-ship Aerospacecraft
  • Government: Zentradi Border Fleet
  • Power Plant: Protoculture-fueled Reflex Furnace
  • Propulsion: 1 x main thruster nozzle
  • Armament: 2 x large ion cannons



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