CBA-07 (M4-04) Walker Personal Power Armor

M4-04 Walker 2CBA-07 (M4-04) Walker Personal Power Armor

by Tim Wing

The CBA-07 Walker was a power armor variant of the VR-series Cyclone Veritech Motorcycle ride armor system. While the VR-series was being developed in the mid-twenties, Shimada Enterprises produced the M4-04 walking armor as a proof of concept for the Cyclone in battloid mode. While the Cyclone was still being perfected, the M4-04 entered service with the UEEF Marine Corps and UEEF Tactical Corps “Space Borne” units as the CBA-07 Walker. The Walker could be dropped from low planetary orbit, making it ideal for space borne operations. Even after the service introduction of the Cyclone, the Walker continued to be used many infantry units well into the late thirties.

  • M4-04 Walker 1Role: One man powered infantry armor system
  • Manufacturer: Shimada Enterprises
  • Introduction: October 2025
  • Retired: 2038
  • Status: Retired
  • Primary Users: UEEF Marine Corps, UEEF Tactical Corps
  • Armor Protection: Up to 22.3mm Zentraedi HE autocannon
  • Weight: 186 kg, dry



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