Alpha Tactical Armored Cavalry Regiment “Rabbits”

Tactical Armored Cavalry

Alpha Tactical Armored Cavalry Regiment “Rabbits”

by Tim Wing

The Alpha Tactical Armored Cavalry “Rabbits” was perhaps the most famous unit of the Second Robotech War. Not only was Alpha Regiment responsible for several important victories during the war, to include but not limited to the downing of one of the Robotech Masters’ Azashar-class Mother Ships, it was also the unit of then 2LT Dana Sterling, the daughter of the equally famous Brigadier General Maximilian Sterling and Colonel Miriya Sterling. The following is a simplified table of organization for Alpha Regiment, minus support units.

Alpha (A) Tactical Armored Cavalry Regiment “Rabbits”

  • 6th Squadron “Jack Rabbits”
    • Headquarters Troop (2x VHT-1s)

      VHT-1 Veritech Hover Tank
    • Able (A) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 1st Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 2nd Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 3rd Squad (12x VHT-1s)
    • Baker (B) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 4th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 5th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 6th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
    • Charlie (C) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x M120s)
      • 7th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 8th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 9th Squad (12x M120s)


  • 15th Squadron “Brush Rabbits”
    • Headquarters Troop (2x VHT-1s)
    • Delta (D) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 10th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 11th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 12th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
    • Easy (E) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 13th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 14th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 15th Squad (12x VHT-1s) – 2LT Dana Sterling, Squad Leader*
    • Fox (F) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x M120s)
      • 16th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 17th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 18th Squad (12x M120s)


  • 68th Squadron “Thumpers”
    M-120 Armored Infantry Vehicle 2a
    M120 Heavy Scout Vehicle
    • Headquarters Troop (2x VHT-1s)
    • Golf (G) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 19th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 20th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 21st Squad (12x VHT-1s)
    • Hotel (H) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x VHT-1s)
      • 22nd Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 23rd Squad (12x VHT-1s)
      • 24th Squad (12x VHT-1s)
    • India (I) Troop
      • Headquarters Squad (2x M120s)
      • 25th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 26th Squad (12x M120s)
      • 27th Squad (12x M120s)


* The unit designator painted on the “bumper” of 2LT Dana Sterlings VHT-1 would have read A/15-E on the right hand side, and 15-1 on the left. This “bumper number” designated her tank as 1st tank of 15th Squad, Echo Troop, 15th Squadron Alpha Tactical Armored Cavalry Regiment.



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Original artwork by: Kogawa Tomonori, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Miyo Sonoda, Hiroshi Ogawa, Hirotoshi Ohkura and Takashi Ono.

Content by Tim Wing

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