All-Weather Thermal Poncho, “Woobie”

Pancho 1All-Weather Thermal Poncho

by Tim Wing

The All-Weather Thermal Poncho was, and still is, the most important piece of kit in an infantryman’s rucksack, apart from the actual rucksack itself, of course. As this is one of the most important things that you must take with you on an excursion, you will need to make sure that your chosen bag has enough space to fit this poncho, as well as any other things you need to survive. So, before buying this essential piece of kit, make sure to look for the best rucksack on the market before doing anything else. But as long as it fits this poncho, you’ll be onto a winner. Better known as the Woobie, or Woobie 2.0 amongst Noncommissioned Officers of octogenarian status, it consisted of a light waterproof outer layer with a zip-in quilted thermal layer. The inner layer had heating elements which could be set to maintain a temperature from a low of 30 degrees Celsius, to a max of 40 degrees Celsius. The elements were powered by a rechargeable battery that provided up to twelve hours of heated comfort at max power. The battery could be charged by plugging the supplied power converter into any standard 110 or 220 volt power source. Additionally, it could be charged with any 12 or 24 volt automotive electrical outlet.

Unlike the original Wooobie, the All-Weather Thermal Poncho had no center opening for the head. Rather, it was worn more like a cloak, with the hood area secured around the head by a gusset. The outer Pancho 2waterproof layer of the Woobie 2.0 came in a variety of colors based on expected operating environment. The most common colors were olive drab (brown), jungle green, desert tan and arctic white. The inner layer, which was the most expensive part of the system, was only issued in olive drab.

  • Primary user: United Earth Expeditionary Force
  • Service history: 2032 to present
  • Size: 160 cm x 210 cm



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Original artwork by: Daniel Dussault, Allen Manning, Brian Manning, Apollo Okamura, Benjamin Rodriguez, Kevin Siembieda, Charles Walton II or Michael Wilson. (2nd Edition Robotech RPG)

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