The Third Robotech War (Invid Occupation)

The Third Robotech War (Invid Occupation)

by Tim Wing

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2030 June

  • With the UEDF severely depleted, EBSIS is now the dominant world power.4

2030 August

  • A triumvirate of second level Robotech Masters, after their mothership crashes in Burma at the end of the war, make contact with and take command of remnant Zentraedi Malcontents in the South East Asia Control Zone. These Masters embark on a plan to repair a Zentraedi ship and gather enough Flower of Life seeds to rebuild their empire.9
  • Yakuza consolidates control of the local Japanese government in post war New Tokyo. Japan drops out of the UEG.8F

2030 September

  • Reserve force built up on Moon Base ALuCE II.8F

2031 April

  • Tokugawa-class ship, UES Marcus Antonius, commanded by Colonel Johnathan Wolfe, returns to Earth with the Robotech Repair Satellite and the 1st Jupiter Division Battle Group. This battle group is thought to be more than adequate to protect the Earth from the projected invasion by the Invid. 2C, 8F, 9
  • The UES Marcus Antonius evacuates Major Dana Sterling and other former members of her unit, as well as 175,000 triumvirate clone refugees. 2C, 9
  • Colonel Wolfe begins his assessment of Earth’s defensive posture.
  • Summit at UEDF installation Pinnacle Base: all UEG member states, territories and several outside independent states meet to discuss the security situation. The EBSIS is conspicuous in its absence. The possibility of Invid attack, the EBSIS and what to do about the Flowers of Life head up the topics of discussion. The Defoliators Faction (a non-governmental lobby for defoliation of the Flower of Life) want to destroy all flowers and protoculture. (This lobby is led by Colonel Wolfe’s son, Johnathan Wolfe Jr.8F
  • The Summit decides to address the immediate threat of EBSIS aggression, rather than concentrate on rebuilding orbital defenses.
  • Colonel Wolfe takes it upon himself to begin developing contingency plans for a post-Invid invasion resistance, centered at UEDF base Valhalla. 8F

2031 May 13

  • EBSIS launches preemptive strike against West Germany, destroying Passau in a preemptive nuclear strike. EBSIS forces quickly pour through the pass near the ruins of Passau and the Fulda Gap with support from space based indirect fire. UEDF forces are quickly overwhelmed.4
  • The 1st Jupiter Division engages and destroys the EBSIS Fleet, but is unable to provide adequate ground support to slow the invasion in Europe.
  • Second Global Civil War begins.4
  • In Brasilia, Brazil, Colonel Wolfe mediates a dispute between the Global Military Police and a militia group calling itself the Stone Men, led by Gavin Murdock. Brazil has officially split from the UEG by this time. Stone Men are a group of 300 plus former UEDF soldiers, mostly of Brazilian descent.8F
  • Major Nova Satori uses Colonel Wolfe’s meeting as a diversion while she moves in an assault force of UEDF battloids. The Stone Men are defeated in the attack, Murdock escapes.8F

2031 May 15

  • The Third Robotech War begins as the Invid arrive on Earth in an event known afterwards as the Invid Invasion. Both the beleaguered forces of the UEDF and the attacking forces of the EBSIS are completely destroyed and Earth falls quickly to the alien onslaught.1 Invid destroy Robotech Repair Satellite in the invasion and disrupt communications with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).8F
  • Several ships from the 1st Jupiter Division, which served as little more than a speed bump, manage to escape the invasion and head out to rendezvous with the UEEF in deep space with the intention to return to Earth to liberate it from Invid control.1
  • Many major Earth population centers are destroyed, while others are simply abandoned. Invid occupation and protoculture harvesting begins. Anti-Invid groups are eventually formed, but struggle as the Invid cultivate collaborators to suppress the resistance networks.1
  • The new UEG HQ at an underground complex in the Rockies called Pinnacle Base goes silent after the invasion. 8F

2031 June

  • The Star Children, I private space immigration venture, has its ship destroyed by an Invid attack.8F

2032 AD

  • Regess sets up five Genesis Pits on Earth: one in the Florida Everglades, one in Alaska at the site of the old Grand Cannon, one near Norilisk, north of the Arctic Circle in Siberia, one in South America5 and one in northern Thailand.9
  • On Tirol, Tiresian scientist Rem succeeds in creating a new protoculture matrix.8A

2033 AD

  • Colonel Wolfe continues to organize Earth resistance fighters, sets up six bases throughout North and South America to help defend the beleaguered planet.7
  • UES Marcus Antonius returns to Tirol.2C

2033 March

  • On ALuCE II, a group of 18 Zentraedi attempt to commandeer the 1000 or so Alphas, so as to mount their own attack on the Invid command center situated around the Great Lakes in North America, now being referred to as Reflex Point. The mutiny is put down by UEDF forces. 8F
  • Single messenger from ALuCE II, code name Legios 3, is sent to make contact with Colonel Wolfe to coordinate a joint attack against Reflex Point. Legios 3 goes down in territory held by the Defoliator faction.8F
  • Colonel Wolfe and John Carpenter, former Captain of the UES Hannibal, attempt to recover the downed pilot. While searching for the pilot, they are captured by militant Defoliators. They are later saved by the downed pilot of Legios 3, Lieutenant Rebecca Cade.8F
  • At Valhalla Base (now being called Soldier Town by the local inhabitants), Gary Hauser of the Defoliators arrives to talk with Colonel Wolfe. He informs him that his wife and son were captured by the Invid and taken to Flower of Life plantation facility in Texas.8F
  • Contact re-established with ALuCE II and plans are made for a joint attack on Reflex Point in four days.8F
  • Rather than participate in the joint attack on Reflex Point, Colonel Wolfe decides to make a rescue attempt of his wife and son from the Invid Hive in Texas. With a small group of pilots pulled from the joint attack, he succeeds in destroying the hive. However, his wife and son not there, having been moved to Reflex Point. 8F
  • A fleet of Veritech fighters, commanded by TSC Captain Desmond Nobutu from Moon Base ALuCE II attack Reflex Point, with the resistance forces commanded John Carpenter as the supporting ground element. The joint force is repelled in a crushing defeat to the UEDF Moon Forces and the majority of remaining Earth based UEDF forces. Units fall back to Point F.8F
  • After the attack, only UEDF 500 personnel are left on ALuCE II. 8F
  • John Carpenter and Lieutenant Cade, along with many others, split from Wolfe’s forces in Valhalla after a vocal disagreement over Wolfe’s failure to participate in the attack on Reflex Point. 8F
  • Invid forces rout last UEDF and EBSIS regulars.11

2033 October

  • John Carpenter’s forces, now called the Splinters, set up a bases in North America in the underground shelters bellow New Portland, Stillwater, Logan Valley and other locations.8F
  • Invid forces undertake a campaign to identify and eliminate all remaining Zentraedi on Earth.
  • An Invid task force attacks Splinter’s base in New Portland. A mobile hive, acting in support of the operation, is destroyed when a Veritech penetrates the exterior and detonates its reactor core.8F

2034 AD

  • The Invid identify the Robotech Masters and Zentraedi of the South East Asia Control Zone, and begin a major campaign to eliminate them. This battle turns into the Invid’s primary focus over the next several years.9
  • Karbarran shipyards are retooled and begin to constructing the latest generation of warships for the UEEF.5

2035 AD

  • On Haydon IV, the Haydonite Veidt and UEEF representative Exedore Folmo are present at the reawakening of the planets artificial intelligence, the Awareness.8A
  • The UEEF decides on a policy to patrol the local group and its fringes to remove the last of the Invid War Machine from it, before conducting the final assaults on Earth and Optera.4 UEEF fleets continue construction and the mop-up operation against the Regent’s remaining out posts commences.11
  • The planet Peryton is liberated; its ‘curse’ broken. The UEEF leaves a large peace keeping force to keep intra-sectarian fighting between Peryton’s two religious groups from erupting again.4
  • The Shadow device, an all aspect stealth device that works by 4th dimensional displacement of most electromagnetic and protoculture emissions, is conceived by the Haydonites.11

2036 AD

  • Invid defeat the Robotech Masters of the former South East Asia Control Zone.
  • In the absence of Invid attention, the human resistance movement gains strength.11
  • Ikazuchi Class Super Dimensional Large Cruiser (SCB) built at the Robotech Factory Satellite and Karbarran Ship Yards.4

2038 May

  • Elements of the 2nd Jupiter Division arrives at Earth, reinforces Moon Base ALuCE II.11

2038 September

  • The UEEF launches its first large scale assault on Reflex Point. The attack fails miserably, resulting in heavy losses for the UEEF 10th Mars Division and 2nd Jupiter Division.1, 2B, 11


  • VF/B-9 Beta enters production. Based on the old VBF-1 Beta prototype.4
  • Second attempt to liberate Earth results in the destruction of the 7th Mars Division, in similar manner as the 10th Mars Division.2B
  • Remnants of the 10th and 7th Mars Division attempt an attack on the hive in Uruguay. The hive is destroyed by overloading the reflex furnace of the Garfish Class cruiser which had been crashed into it during the previous year’s attack.2B

2040 May

  • Survivor of the 10th Mars Division, pilot Lieutenant Lance “Lancer” Belmont joins the shattered resistance in the Americas. Travelling under the guise of a female singer, “Yellow Dancer,” Lancer travels as a covert courier for the much-weakened resistance network, gathering vital intelligence and information along his travels. Yellow Dancer’s music becomes an instant hit, with the promise of hope, and slightly subversive message of resistance. Yellow Dancer’s recordings spread throughout the Americas.1

2042 AD

  • First Shimakaze Class Super Dimensional Battlecruiser commissioned.4

2042 September

  • The 21st Mars Division arrives at Earth as part of the third Earth Reclamation Force. The fleet is intercepted before its troops can begin their atmospheric insertion, and is quickly destroyed by the Invid.1
  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard survives and crash lands in South America and begins his quest to reach the Invid “Reflex Point”, forming a potent resistance group along the way.1

2043 AD

  • VF/A-6S Shadow enters production.4

2043 February

  • Mutiny by General T. R. Edwards, who commandeers the experimental ship UES Icarus, a Shimikaze-class Cruiser, and kidnaps pop star Lynn Minmei. He escapes Tirol with the aid of Invid forces. The UES Pioneer’s (SDF-3) sustains damage during the fighting, Admiral Lisa Hayse-Hunter is wounded during the battle.2D
  • The UES Pioneer departs Tirol-space to be refit at Space Station Liberty with new fold drives, reflex furnaces and shadow cloaking device.2D
  • Colonel Wolfe dies fighting the Invid. After his death, remnants of the GMP, uinder the command of Colonel Nova Satori, attempt to take over Soldier Town. The Invid beat them to it, destroying the town and all resistance fighters present.1A, 8F

2043 March

  • The last of the GMP’s forces are all but wiped out. Remnants join with Splinters.8F
  • Geological disturbances destroy the Invid Genesis Pit in South America, just as the Regess decides on the human form as the model for the pending transmutation of her race.1
  • Invid assemble a massive force to attack and destroy Point K, as well as the near-by towns that had kept it supplied with food and other goods.1

2043 April

  • Invid simulagent, Ariel, is transmutated and inserted near the ruins of Point K. Her deployment is a failure, as she loses her memory upon landing and attempts for the Regess to communicate with her are unsuccessful.1
  • Ariel is discovered by Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard’s resistance group and is taken along with them as an amnesia victim.1

2043 July

  • Invid Princess Sera and Prince Corg are transmutated, and are assigned to track down and destroy resistance groups.1

2043 October

  • A crippled UEEF Garfish-class Cruiser from the 7th Mars Division, with an aging crew, destroys a key Invid broadcast tower in the North American West in a suicide run.1

2044 January

  • The geothermal generator that powered Denver, which has been trapped under a decade’s worth of heavy snow and ice, is destroyed by Lieutenant Commander Bernard in an attempt to escape an Invid assault. The thawed “bubble” of the city created by the heat from the generator is also destroyed, thus destroying the city itself.1
  • SDF-4 UES Liberator commissioned.4

2044 February

  •  UES Tokugawa, Commanded by Admiral Breetai Kridanik and Captained by Captain Vince Grant, arrives in Optera-space, engages the Icarus and the Invid fleet at Optera.8
  • Admiral Breetai personally leads a boarding party of TFR-29 Interceptor Bioroids, boarding the Regents Command Carrier. The Regent, Admiral Breetai and the rest of the UEEF boarding party are killed in action when General Edwards fires on the Regent’s command carrier.2D
  • General Edwards takes control of Regents remaining inorganics. Engages and brings down the UES Tokugawa, forcing it to crash land on Optera. Tokugawa is an operational loss. Entire crew is captured by General Edward’s forces.2D

2044 March

  • Task Force lead by the UES Pioneer, commanded by Admiral Rick Hunter, folds to Optera. Task Force attacks the Invid hive where General Edwards is located and rescues the crew of the Tokugawa. UES Pioneer destroys the hive with its Synchro Cannons. General Edwards dies in the battle.2D

2044 April

  • Deceased Admiral Breetai Kirandik’s son, Dranin Kirandik, is born.8A

2044 May

  • Invid Prince Corg begins a genocidal rampage in New York City against Invid Princess Sera’s direct order. Resistance fighters in town raid a protoculture warehouse and destroy the local Invid hive, causing the attack to be suspended. 1

2044 June

  • Lieutenant Commander Aaron Schultz arrives from ALuCE II, with war correspondent Sue Graham, and makes contact with John Carpenter and his resistance group, the Splinters, at the old UEDF Pinnacle Base. Schultz informs Carpenter of the impending final UEEF invasion force. 8F
  • The Splinters begin evacuation of civilian to Moon Base ALuCE II. 8F

2044 July

  • Large numbers of ground troops from the fleet and the resistance forces assemble near Reflex Point for a major assault.1

2044 July 2

  • The main fleet of the UEEF returns to Earth. The fleet assembles at ALuCE II, at the edge of the far side of the moon, and awaits the arrival of the flagship, the SDF-3, which fails to defold with main group. Lieutenant General Gunther Reinhardt on the UES Liberator (SDF-4) takes command in Admiral Hunter’s absence.1

2044 July 5

  • UEEF tests a Neutron S warhead in the Omicron sector. Warheads are discovered to be obscuring their core materials with shadow devices. When the Shadow Device is deactivated, an intense gravitational field is demonstrated. When the warhead detonated, it collapses the planetary target onto itself, creating a small black hole, and severely damages the UES Pioneer (SDF-3) and the UES Deucalion.2D
  • Transmission from the UES Pioneer in the Omicron Sector to General Reinhardt confirms that the SDF-3 is still operational, but the transmission is cut short by sub-space interfearance before Admiral Hunter can report what happened or warn General Reinhardt not to deploy the Neutron S missiles.1B
  • Captain Vince Grant and the UES Icarus (Shimakaze-class Cruiser) are dispatched to the Omicron Sector to investigate. 1B

2044 July 12

  • The UES Icarus de-folds near the event horizon of the newly created black hole, narrowly escapes the singularity’s gravitational pull. Links up the UES Pioneer and the UES Deucalion, but comes under attack by a Haydonite ship before a rescue attempt can be mounted. 1B
  • The UES Icarus attempts to bring the Pioneer and Deucalion back by trapping both ships in her own fold bubble. The plan is disrupted when the Pioneer is rammed by the Haydonite ship. Admiral Hunter commands Captain Grant to fold back with the Deucalion, and to warn the UEEF not to use the Neutron S missiles.1B

2044 July 18

  • The UEEF launches its final mission to reclaim the Earth from the Invid. Suffering heavy losses, a surgical strike comprised of stealthy Shadow fighters and drones are dispatched to Reflex Point.1
  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard and his group of resistance fighters are granted an audience before the Invid Regess at the initiative of Ariel. When it becomes apparent to the Regess that the continuation of battle would lead to the mutual destruction of both races, she makes preparations to leave Earth.1
  • Invid Prince Corg is killed in battle by Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard.1
  • Fearing that this final Earth Reclamation Mission might end in failure, General Reinhardt orders the use of the Neutron-S warheads, knowing full well it could kill all life in the Western Hemisphere, and possibly the whole planet. The resistance and the Invid join forces to counteract the Expeditionary Force’s assault on Reflex Point to give the Regess time to depart.1
  • The Invid leave at the command of the Regess. During their departure, the Neutron-S warheads and some of the Expeditionary Force’s fleet is also destroyed.1
  • The Regess takes almost all of the Earth’s Flowers of Life with her (though refined Protoculture left behind).1B

2044 July 19

  • Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard leaves Earth to join the remainder of the Expeditionary Forces at ALuCE II.1
  • The UES Icarus de-folds in Earth space, bringing a few Haydonite fighters with it. Upon investigation of the Deucalion, it is discovered that there were no survivors save for the android Janus Em. 1B

2044 July 24

  • A concert is held near the ruins of Reflex Point to celebrate the end of the Third Robotech War. Lancer reveals his identity to a shocked crowd.1

2044 July 25

  • A Haydonite fleet enters the Sol System and takes up position near Space Station Liberty, engaging the UEEF task force defending it. Communications are lost between the UEEF Fleet at Earth and Space Station Liberty.1B
  • The UES Icarus is sent to investigate. In the ensuing battle, Haydonite forces fought to a stalemate by the Space Station Liberty task force and the UES Icarus. During this battle, it is discovered that the Shadow device and Synchro Cannons are designed to malfunction when fighting the Haydonites.1B
  • UES Ark Angel Long Range Colony Vessel is used to evacuate the crew of Space Station Liberty, folding out with the Icarus and the rest of the fleet before detonating the last remaining Neutron S warhead, destroying both Space Station Liberty and the Haydonite.1B

2044 August

  • Captain Grant is ordered to head an operation to locate the missing SDF-3 and Admiral Hunter.1, 1B
  • Invid Regess and remains of the Invid race settle on a remote world on the very edge of the galaxy. Planet is named New Optera.7

2044 September

  • Massive chaos ensues on Earth in the immediate aftermath of the Invid occupation.12B
  • A hippy style commune is established at an abandoned resort town on Piedmont Lake, in Eastern Ohio, by Invid War hero Lance Belmont. The town is named Belmont, in his honor.12B
  • Due to the scarcity of protoculture on post Invid Earth, many begin to think the Invid somehow took it all with them, to include refined protoculture.12B

2044 October

  • UEEF Forces begin peace keeping missions in trouble spots formerly Invid occupied Earth.5

2045 February

  • First crops of the Invid Flower of Life do not do well on New Optera. Invid scientists estimate that the race will starve in 6-9 months unless a temporary food supply can be found.7

2045 June

  • Invid return with a smaller occupying force (estimated at 2.5 million) to cultivate flower of life. Not enough to fully occupy the planet, an understanding is reached between the Regess’s representative and the UEEF.7, 9


  • Anne LaBelle writes Invid War: Aftermath, The Threadbare Heart, Megaroad and Clone. All go on to become best sellers.12B




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