The First Robotech War (Space War I)

The First Robotech War (Space War I)

by Tim Wing

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2009 February

  • Official launch ceremonies celebrating the maiden voyage of the SDF-1 Macross begin on Macross Island.1
  • The Zentradi‘s Vrlitwhai Fleet, led by Commander Breetai, arrives within the Solar System.6
  • The main guns of the SDF-1 automatically fire and destroy two approaching Zentraedi scout ships. 1
  • A malfunction of the ship’s fold system results in a hyperspace jump, taking the SDF-1 and Macross Island to the orbit of the planet Pluto instead of its intended target near the moon. Malfunction also results in the complete disappearance of the fold system. 1
  • Forecasting the SDF-1’s most like route back to Earth, the Zentraedi establish an Observation Post (OP) on Saturn’s moon Pandora.10E
  • First Robotech War begins. 1

2009 March

  • Recovery of civilians from the safety of the Macross Island shelters is successfully completed. Supplies and resources, along with much of Macross City, are also transferred inside the SDF-1. 1
  • The Prometheus and Daedalus are attached to the SDF-1 as mecha carriers and begin to conduct flight operations. 1
  • Reconstruction of Macross City inside the SDF-1 commences. 1
  • The main guns of the SDF-1 are found to be useless after the power conduits between the generators and guns were lost when the fold drive vanished. 1
  • A modular transformation of the ship is initiated, allowing for the SDF-1 to fire its main guns, resulting in the destruction of an attacking Zentraedi force. 1

2009 May

  • The SDF-1 enters Saturn orbit. Zentraedi from the Pandora OP capture the crew of a VE-1 reconnaissance Veritech.10E
  • Rescue team is sent, destroys base with charges set at the protoculture reactor core. One VE-1 crewman is recovered.10E
  • The SDF-1 engages a Zentraedi force in the Battle of Saturn’s Rings. The “Pinpoint Barrier System” and the “Daedalus Attack” are employed for the first time. 1

2009 October

  • While attempting to collect supplies from the abandoned Mars Base Sara, the SDF-1 is rendered immobile by a Zentraedi gravity mine trap. Zentraedi commander Khyron’s Botoro Battalion launch a vicious attack, but the SDF-1 is able to escape when the reflex furnaces of the base are detonated, destroying the gravity mines. 1

2009 December

  • Lynn Minmei is crowned “Miss Macross”.1
  • On a routine patrol, 3rd Lieutenant Rick Hunter takes a prototype Armored Veritech into combat and destroys a Zentraedi Cyclops reconnaissance scout which was monitoring the Miss Macross Pageant broadcast. 1
  • Despite the loss of the intercepted transmissions, the Zentraedi crew of the scout ship report their findings back to their commander, Breetai. 1
  • On the SDF-1, new pilots continue to be trained to replace combat loses. In addition to new recruits from the civilian population of Macross, Destroid pilots are trained and re-assigned as Valkyrie pilots, and infantrymen are trained to replace the Destroid pilots.10F

2010 January

  • While the SDF-1 hides in the asteroid belt, a Zentraedi ship under command of Khyron fires on the SDF-1’s command tower, destroying its long range radar. 1

2010 February

  • SDF-1 Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Lisa Hayes and the Vermillion Group (Flight Leader – 2nd Lieutenant Rick Hunter and Corporals Max Sterling and Ben Dixon) are captured by the Zentraedi while on a reconnaissance mission.1
  • The human prisoners are taken back to the headquarters of the Zentraedi Main Fleet, where they are interrogated by Dolza, the Supreme Commander of all the Zentraedi.1 During this interrogation, the humans first hear the term “Protoculture”. The Zentraedi were referring to pre-Zentraedi humanoid culture, which the Robotech Masters so strictly forbid them from coming into contact with. Not understanding the significance of this to the Zentraedi, Hayes and Hunter mistakenly interpret this word to be the Zentraedi name for the alien power source used by the SDF-1 and their mecha.
  • During their captivity, the human prisoners manage to escape. Following his failure to recapture the fugitive humans, Breetai is relieved of his command, and his replacement, Commander Azonia, is put in charge of recapturing the SDF-1. 1
  • Upon her arrival in the solar system, Azonia leads an attack on the SDF-1 as a decoy while sending her top ace pilot Miriya Parino to insert micronized Zentraedi spies into the SDF-1 undetected. 1
  • The escaped prisoners manage to pilot a stolen Zentraedi Regult battle pod into space when the SDF-1 comes under attack. They are soon rescued by Commander Roy Fokker and the Skull Squadron. 1
  • Destroids are repaired on the SDF-1 with inferior parts. For example, the replacement of ceramic ammo door servos with conventional steel servos cause ammunition hold explosions; this being one of the top causes of Destroid fatalities. Other examples include the removal of backup systems and armor half as thick as was originally specified.10F

2010 March

  • The SDF-1 punches through the Zentraedi blockade and returns to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean. 1
  • Captain Gloval and Lieutenant Commander Hayes fly to the Earth Defense Command Center for Anti-Stellar Warfare (EDCAS) in Alaska, and petition to have their civilian passengers to be allowed off the ship. The request is flatly rejected.1
  • Against Commander Azonia’s orders, Khyron launches unauthorized an assault on the SDF-1, which is successfully repelled using the Daedalus Attack.1 During the battle, 2nd Lieutenant Rick Hunter is injured by friendly fire.1

2010 April

  • Zentraedi ace pilot, Miriya Parino, launches her first direct attack on the SDF-1. She meets defeat at the hands of Veritech ace pilot, 3rd Lieutenant Max Sterling, but escapes, vowing revenge.1
  • Commander Roy Fokker, leader of the Veritech fighter squadrons aboard the SDF-1, dies as a result of wounds sustained in battle.1

2010 May

  • Rick Hunter is promoted to 1st Lieutenant and returns to duty as the pilot of Roy Fokker’s former veritech fighter and the new commanding officer of Skull Squadron. (Note: Contrary to popular belief, Hunter was not made the Carrier Air Group commander (CAG) at this time.1
  • Desperate to force the UNEG to allow him to resettle the civilians aboard the SDF-1, Captain Gloval begins low flights over North American cities, while broadcasting his demands over uncoded frequencies.1
  • The Canadian Government agrees to receive the citizens of Macross City.1
  • During an attack by Zentraedi warships on the SDF-1, the ship’s omni-directional barrier defense system overloads, causing complete destruction within a twenty-five mile radius, to include much of the city of Ontario. Permission to resettle the refugees is immediately withdrawn by Canada.1

2010 June

  • Commander Breetai arrives back at Earth to recapture the SDF-1 with command of the one million warships of the Imperial Class fleet. Commander Azonia is relieved of her command.1
  • Zentraedi spies, who were inserted as micronized Zentraedi, return to Breetai’s fleet. Human culture soon begins to contaminate the Zentraedi.1
  • The SDF-1 leaves Earth’s atmosphere under orders to sortie away from the planet.1

2011 January

  • “Little White Dragon”, the first movie produced in space, premieres on board the SDF-1.1
  • The Grand Cannon is completed at EDCAS in Alaska.1

2011 February

  • Determining the micronian humans to be a significant threat, Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza begins to formulate a multi-stage plan to deal with and eventually destroy the micronians.1

2011 March

  • The Zentraedi launch a major assault against the SDF-1, taking advantage of the Daedalus attack to infiltrate the ship. Macross City is badly damaged in the fighting.1
  • During the battle, numerous Zentraedi soldiers, enamored by the culture of the micronian humans, take this opportunity to defect to the SDF-1.1
  • Upon examination of the Zentraedi defectors, it is found that they are genetically indistinguishable from humans.1
  • Captain Gloval and his staff, armed with this new evidence, attempt to convince Earth’s leaders to pursue negotiations with the Zentraedi.1

2011 April

  • In an attempt to exact revenge for being humiliated in battle, Zentraedi ace Miriya Parino attempts to murder her rival, human ace pilot Max Sterling. Inexplicably, she falls in love with Sterling and their historic wedding is broadcast to the citizens aboard the SDF-1 and to the nearby Zentraedi fleet.1
  • Alerted to the wedding, and to the recent defections of the Zentraedi to the SDF-1, Dolza orders his fleet commanders to assemble in order to deal with the “micronian threat” once and for all. Breetai is immediately ordered to destroy the SDF-1. However, due to their exposure to human culture, many Zentraedi refuse to fight. Faced with the threat of mutiny, Breetai orders a withdrawal and unilateral cease-fire. Soon after, Breetai sends Exedore, the Zentraedi Minister of Affairs, as an emissary to the SDF-1 to conduct negotiations.1
  • Despite Breetai’s attempts to pursue negotiations, Dolza has mobilized the Main Fleet in order to destroy Earth and its human population, before they further contaminate the Zentraedi. Faced with their own destruction, Breetai and Azonia decide to join forces with the humans aboard the SDF-1. Concerned with saving his own life, Khyron refuses to join the fight against Dolza and the Zentraedi Main Fleet.1
  • Dolza and the Main Fleet of over four million Zentraedi warships arrive in Earth orbit. Simultaneously, the fleet begins their devastating attack resulting in the destruction of an estimated 70%1 to 95%1A of the planet’s surface.1
  • Despite heavy damage, the Grand Cannon manages to fire, the resulting directed energy blast results in the destruction of a significant portion of the Main Zentraedi Fleet, clearing a path for the SDF-1 and its allies to launch their counterattack against Dolza. Using the Omni-Directional Barrier, along with the singing of Lynn Minmei to disrupt Zentraedi communications, the SDF-1 succeeds in destroying Dolza’s flagship along with most of the enemy Zentraedi fleet. The victorious SDF-1 returns to Earth, marking the end of the First Robotech War.1



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