UEG Missiles

UEG Missiles

Air to Air / Space to Space Missiles

Air to Surface Missiles

Free-fall Bombs

  • CBU-24 Cluster Bomb
  • CBU-49 Cluster Bomb
  • CBU-646 Cluster Bomb
  • CBU-87 Cluster Bomb
  • GBU-8 HOBOS Homing Bomb System
  • GBU-10 Paveway II Laser Guided Bomb
  • GBU-15 Laser Guided Bomb
  • GBU-23 Paveway Laser Guided Bomb
  • GBU-27 Paveway III Laser Guided Bomb
  • GBU-28 Paveway III Penetrator Laser Guided Bomb
  • GBU-502 1000 kg Glide Bomb
  • mk81 General Purpose Bomb
  • mk82 General Purpose Bomb
  • mk82 Snake Eye Retarded Bomb
  • mk83 General Purpose Bomb
  • mk84 Laser Guided General Purpose Bomb
  • mk86 Practice Bomb

Multi-Purpose Missiles

Surface to Air Missiles

Surface to Surface

Infantry Missiles


Anti-Spaceship Missiles




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