UEG Space Platforms

Space Platforms

Capital Ships

  • Orchid-class Super Dimensional Frigate (SDFF)
  • Valiant-class Super Dimensional Battle Fortress (SDF)
  • Eisenhower-class Super Dimensional Heavy Cruisers (SDHC)
  • Intrepid-class Super Dimensional Light Cruisers (SDLC)

Fleet Auxiliary Ships

Orbital Facilities


Proposed and Experimental Ships

  • Shepard-class Armored Missile Escort Ship, Experimental (AMES)
  • Volta-class Space Destroyer, Experimental (DD)
  • Gagarin-class Space Patrol Gunboat, Experimental (PG)
  • Flower-class Space Patrol Gunboat, Experimental (PG)
  • Macross-class Super Dimensional Fortress, Proposed Refit (SDF)



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