UEG Sea Platforms

UEG Sea Platforms

Aircraft Carriers

  • Kenosha-class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (CVN)
  • Prometheus-class Submersible Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Enterprise-class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (CVN)
  • King Henry IX-class Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • Kaga-class VTOL Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • Donald Hayes-class Submersible Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Ark Royal-class Submersible VTOL Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Legacy Aircraft Carriers

Amphibious Assault Ships

  • Tripoli-class amphibious helicopter assault ship (LHA)
  • Tonnerre-class amphibious helicopter transport dock (LHD)
  • New Orleans-class amphibious transport dock (LPD)
  • Daedalus-class Submersible Landing Ship (SLV)/Submersible Command Ship (SCC)
  • Yorktown-class submersible amphibious assault ship (LHS)
  • Macross Island-class submersible amphibious transport dock (LDS)
  • Legacy Amphibious Assault Ships

Attack Submarines

  • Texas-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine (SSN)
  • Ambush-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN)
  • Type 209+ diesel-electric attack submarine (SS)
  • Type 210 diesel-electric attack submarine (SS)
  • Warspite-class Protoculture-powered fast attack submarine (SSP)
  • New Detroit-class Protoculture-powered fast attack submarine (SSP)
  • Legacy Attack Submarines

Ballistic Missile Submarines

  • Nautilus-class Protoculture-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBP)
  • Legacy Ballistic Missile Submarines


  • Dreadnaught-class submersible battlecruiser (CBS)
  • Göben-class submersible guided missile cruiser (CGS)
  • Legacy Cruisers


  • William McGonagle-class guided missile destroyer (DDG)
  • Type 45 Dauntless-class guided missile destroyers (DDG)
  • Munmu the Great destroyer (DD)
  • Brisbane-class air warfare destroyer (AWD)
  • Ashigara-class guided missile destroyers (DDG)
  • Yukikaze-class submersible guided missile destroyer (DDGS)
  • Legacy Destroyers


  • F125 Nordrhein-Westfalen-class frigate (FF)
  • F124 Hamburg-class frigate (FF)
  • Roald Amundsen-class frigate (FF)
  • Tromp-class air-defense frigate (FFAD)
  • Vanessa Leeds-class submersible guided missile frigate (FFS)

Patrol Boats and Littorals

Mine Countermeasures Ships



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