UEG Land Platforms

Land Platforms


Tactical Vehicles

Service and Support Vehicles

Experimental and Prototype Mecha

  • XM-11 Main Battle Tank, Experimental
  • ADR-04-Mk XIII Defender Air Defense Robot, Prototype
  • ADR-04-Mk XV S-Defender Air Defense Robot, Prototype
  • MBR-04-Mk V Warhawk Main Battle Robot, Prototype
  • MBR-04-Mk XX Blackhawk Main Battle Robot, Prototype
  • CBH-1 Insurgent Combat Battle Robot Hot Environment, Experimental
  • CEBR-X-01 Cybernetic Enhancement Battle Robot, Experimental
  • VR-11 (GFW-190A) VTOL Air Mobile Robot, Experimental
  • MAC-01 Mini-Monster Mobile Artillery Cannon, Experimental
  • MTR-X-01 Multirole Tactical Robot, Experimental
  • QBR-series Unmanned Battle Robot, Experimental
  • QRR-X-02 Unmanned Reconnaissance Robot, Experimental
  • ZBR-X-02 Yrallain Heavy Battle Robot
  • ADR-X-05 Defender II Air Defense Robot
  • MBR-X-05 Tomahawk II Main Battle Robot
  • SDR-X-05 Phalanx II Space Defense Robot
  • HWR-X-02 Monster II Heavy Weapons Robot
  • SFR-series Space Fighter Robot, Experimental
  • SPA-X-2 Space Power Armor, Experimental
  • TAL-052 H-0 Light Tactical Aerospace Robot, Experimental
  • YBR-1 Gladius Battle Robot, Prototype

2 thoughts on “UEG Land Platforms

  1. I just noticed that your missing the Unicorn Civil Defense Robot. And you have the Reguld replacing the Reguld in that Page

    1. Good catch on the Unicorn!

      As for the Regult, I’m using the Macross name “Reguld”.

      Also, digging the old school aol email address!

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