UEG Aerospace Platforms

Aerospace Platformscombat-01

Combat Aerospacecraft

Helicopters and VTOL aircraft

Support Aerospacecraft

Prototype and Experimental Aerospacecraft

  • AHP-7 Hover Platform, Experimental
  • FX-101 Gunship, Experimental
  • RAC-X Destroid Assault Hover Platform, Experimental
  • RCS-X-1 Destroid Space Platform, Experimental
  • SC-7 VIP Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • SF-X-1 Starfighter II Fighter Spacecraft, Experimental
  • YAV-17 Aggressor Assault VTOL, Prototype
  • YFA-108 Tivar Fighter Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • YFA-117 Drake Fighter Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • YSG-1 Gun Satellite, Prototype



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