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UEG Military Force Structure

UEG Military Force Structure

History and Force Structure

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UEG Maritime C4iSR Systems

UEG Maritime C4iSR Systems

Communications Systems

  • Link 11 Communications Systems
  • Link 16 Communications Systems
  • Link 22 Communications Systems
  • SYRACUSE Satellite System Communications


  • A/S SKWS Decoy System
  • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie Towed Torpedo Decoy
  • AN/SLQ-32 Countermeasures Suite
  • AN/SLQ-49 Chaff Buoy Decoy System
  • DL-12T Decoy Launcher
  • FL 1800U Suite
  • IDS300 Naval Decoy
  • LOKI Expendable Torpedo Countermeasure
  • Mark 36 SRBOC
  • Mk53 NULKA Decoy Launchers
  • Seagnat Control System
  • SRBOC MK36 Countermeasures Chaff and Decoy Launching System
  • TKWA/MASS (Multi Ammunition Softkill System) Decoy Launcher

Electronic Warfare

  • AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare Suite
  • AN/SSQ-130 Ship Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE)
  • AN/UPX-24 IFF System
  • CS-3701 ECM/ESM
  • KORA-18 Combined RADAR and COMMS ESM
  • MK XII IFF System
  • MSSR 2000 IFF System
  • NOLQ-2 ESM/ECM System
  • NOLQ-3D-1 EW Suite
  • NOLR-6C ESM System
  • OLT-3 ECM System
  • Sabre ECM suite
  • ST WBR-2000 ESM System
  • Successor IFF
  • SwRI MBS-567A Communications ESM System
  • UL 5000 K ECM Suite
  • UL 5000 K ESM Suite
  • WLQ-4 Passive ESM System

Fire Control and Computer Systems

  • Aegis Combat System
  • AHRS INS (MINS 2) Attitude and Heading Reference System
  • AN/BYG-1 Integrated Combat System
  • COMBATSS-21 Combat Management System
  • ICMS (Integrated Combat Management System)
  • Integrated Bridge and Navigation System
  • ISUS 90-55 Combat System
  • Mark 99 Fire-Control System
  • MK 116 Anti-Submarine Weapon Control System [ASWCS]
  • Mk 160 Anti-Submarine Weapon Control System [ASWCS]
  • Mk 23 Target Acquisition System (TAS)
  • WM-25 Guided Missile Fire Control System


  • 9600-M Multi-Function I/J Band ARPA Radar
  • AN/SPG-60 Fire Control Radar
  • AN/SPG-62 Fire Control Radar
  • AN/SPN-35 Air Traffic Control Radar
  • AN/SPN-41 Landing Aid Radars
  • AN/SPN-43 Marshalling Air Traffic Control Radar
  • AN/SPN-46 Air Traffic Control Radars Textron Systems
  • AN/SPQ-9 Target Acquisition Radar
  • AN/SPS-40 Air Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-48 3-D Air Search Radar ITT Corporation Radar
  • AN/SPS-49 2-D Air Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-65 Missile Fire Control Radar
  • AN/SPS-67 Surface Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-73 Surface Search Radar
  • AN/SPS-77 Sea GIRAFFE 3D air and surface search radar
  • AN/URN-25 TACAN Tactical Air Navigation System
  • APAR Air and Surface Search, Tracking and Guidance Radar
  • BPS-17B Surface-Search Radar
  • DECCA NAV Navigation Radar
  • DRBN-38A Bridgemaster E250 Navigation Radar
  • ES-3601 ESM System
  • ES-3701 ESM Radar
  • Mk23 Target Acquisition System (TAS)
  • Mark 82 Fire-Control Radar
  • Mk95 Radar
  • MRR3D-NG Air/Surface Sentry Radar
  • RSR 210N Air/Sea Surveillance Radar
  • S1850M 3-D Air Surveillance Radar
  • S1850M Long Range Radar
  • SAM Electronics X-Band Navigation Radars
  • SAMPSON Type 1045 Multi-Function Air Tracking Radar
  • Scout Surface Search/Navigation Radar
  • SMART-L Long-Range Air and Surface Surveillance Radar
  • SML Technologies Radar Tracking System
  • TRS-3D Air and Surface Search Radar
  • TRS-3D Multifunction Passive Electronically Scanned Array C-Band Radar
  • TRS-4D AESA Radar
  • Type 1007 I-Band Navigation Radar
  • Type 1047 I-Band Radar
  • Type 1048 E/F-Band Radar
  • Type 997 Artisan 3D Medium Range Radar
  • AN/SPY-1 S-Band Radar
  • AN/SPY-3 Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar
  • OPS-14 Air Search Radar
  • OPS-18 Surface Search Radar
  • OPS-28E Surface Search Radar


  • 2076 Sonar
  • AN/SQQ-28 Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System
  • AN/SQQ-89 Sonar Suite
  • AN/SQR-19 TACTAS Towed Array Passive Sonar
  • AN/SQR-20 Multi-Function Towed Array
  • AN/SQS-53 Bow Mounted Active Sonar
  • BQG-8 Wide Aperture Passive Bow and Flank Sonar
  • BQQ-10 Bow-Mounted Spherical Active/Passive Sonar Array
  • BQS-24 High Frequency Under-Ice/Mine Detection Sonar
  • BSY-4 Integrated Sonar Array
  • CSU 90 (DBQS-40FTC) Sonar Suite
  • DESO 25 Echosounder
  • DSQS-24B Bow Sonar
  • DSQS-24C Hull-Mounted
  • DSUV-45 VDS Sonar
  • ISUS90-20 Sonar
  • MFS-7000 Sonar
  • MK II V1 Active/Passive Towed Array Sonar
  • MRS 2000 Hull Mounted Sonar
  • MSI 2005F ASW Combat System
  • OQR-1 TACTASS Towed Array Sonar
  • OQS-4 Hull Sonar
  • Piranha Active Intercept Sonar
  • SQQ-56 Minehunting Sonar
  • SQR-19 Towed Array Sonar
  • SQS-56 Sonar
  • TB-16 Fat Line Tactical Towed Sonar Array
  • TB-29 Thin Line Long-Range Search Towed Sonar Array
  • TB-33 Thin Line Long-Range Search Towed Sonar Array
  • TB-34 Fat Line Tactical Towed Sonar Array
  • Type 2075 Towed Array Sonar
  • Type 2098 Towed Array Sonar

Electro-Optical Systems

  • AN/KAX-2 SeaFLIR Electro-Optical Sensor with TV and FLIR
  • CM010 Optronic Masts
  • MIRADOR Electro-Optical Sensors
  • Mk 46 Optronic Director
  • MSP 500 Electro-Optical Fire Control System
  • Series 2500 Electro Optical System (EOS)
  • Sirius IRST Long-Range Infrared Surveillance and Tracking System
  • Toplite Stabilized Target Acquisition Sights
  • VAMPIR IR Search and Track System
  • Vigy 20 Electro Optical Director

UEG Land C4iSR Systems

UEG Land C4iSR Systems

Electronic Intelligence Collection Systems

  • BSP-3A Enhanced Sensor Packet
  • DARS Directional Acoustic Recording System

Electronic Countermeasures

  • ALQ-198(V) Active Radar Jammer
  • ALQ-250(V) Active Sensor Jammer
  • CLL-3 Chaff/Smoke/Jammer Grenade Box Launcher
  • Gladiator Active/Passive Sensor Jammer
  • Groundwarrior Active/Passive Sensor Jammer
  • Infra-Red Warning Receiver (IRWR)
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

Fire Control Systems

  • Hollandse Signaal Computer Targeting System with Stereoscopic Laser Targeting
  • IRS-2 Image Recognition System
  • Mk.5 Reflex Artificial Intelligence System
  • CT-12 computer targeting system and HUD
  • CT-12B computer targeting system

Laser Range Finders

  • LT-3 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-4 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-5 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-8 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-9 Long-Range Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator


  • APG-144 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • APG-154 X-Band Long Range Multimode Radar
  • APG-198 Short Range X Band Pulse Doppler Phased Array UWB Radar
  • Frogtongue Long Range UWB Phased Array Radar
  • Thomson mm-Band Phased Array Short Range Radar Imaging System
  • PA-3 Long Range X Band Pulse Doppler Phased Array Air Search Radar
  • TPG-111 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • TPG-144 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • TPG-147 Multi-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • TPG-154 Multi-Band Pulse-Doppler Dual-Phased Array Radar
  • TPG-183 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Spherical Radar
  • TPG-307 Medium Range UWB Phased Array Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • VR-34 short range millimeter radar

Visible/IR/UV Spectrum Sensors

  • Allview I Multi-Band Motion-Stabilized Digital Spherical Camera System
  • Allview II Multi-Band Digital Spherical Camera System
  • AVS-10 Multi-Band Telescopic Digital Spherical Camera System
  • Bigeye Broad-Spectrum ESM System
  • DARDA-3C Electronic Three-Mirror Positional Laser Searchlight
  • Edmund Optics Deployable Periscope
  • DOS-2000 Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • DOS-2006 Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • DOS-2500 Multi-Band Motion-Stabilized Digital Camera System
  • Thomson/Hughes ESM Systems
  • FLAWS Forward Looking All-Weather Imaging System
  • HWR-TP Periscope
  • Edmund Optics IR/Visible Light Searchlight
  • TS-2 Long Range Telescopic Array For Visible/IR Spectrum
  • EL-OP Multi-Band Digital Spherical Camera System
  • EL-OP Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger And Designator
  • Miniview UV, IIR and optical sight system



UEG Aerospace C4iSR Systems

UEG Aerospace C4iSR Systems

Electronic Intelligence Collection Systems

  • AEP-210 ELINT Sensor and Jammer System
  • ALA-102 COMINT Pulse Analyzing Receiver
  • RT-1 Radiation and Motion Sensor
  • Spyeye Broad-Spectrum Radiation Sensors

Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems

  • AQS-906 Acoustics Suite
  • ARS-5 Sonobuoy Receiver
  • ASQ-81B Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD)
  • ASY-3 Deployable Sonar Pod

Electronic Countermeasures

  • ALQ/A-87  Jamming Pod
  • ALQ-99+ Airborne Integrated Jamming System
  • ALQ-120 Jamming Transmitter
  • ALQ-200 Active Radar Jammer
  • ALQ-203 Multi-Spectrum Jammer
  • ALQ-242 Limited Capability Active Sensor Jammer
  • ALQ-246 Active Sensor Jammer
  • ALQ-248 Active Radar Jammer
  • ALQ-250 Active Sensor Jammer
  • ALQ-255 Bandwidth-Tunable, Frequency-Agile Active Radar Jammer
  • ALQ-258 Multi-Channel Wide-Band Radar Detector/Jammer
  • ALQ-301 Active Laser Jamming Systems
  • Infra-Red Warning Receiver (IRWR)
  • Mk.2 Shadow: Four-Dimensional Distortion Field Generator
  • Mk.2b Shadow: Four-Dimensional Distortion Field Generator
  • Mk.3 EM-Absorbing Skin Covering
  • QRC-100 Infra-Red Counter Measures (IRCM)
  • QRC-84 Infra-Red Jammer
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Sky Warrior Active/Passive Sensor Jammer

Flight and Fire Control Systems

  • HP769 On-Board Automatic Data Interpretation System
  • HS491 Computer Targeting System with Stereoscopic Laser Targeting
  • IBM1298 On-Board Automatic Data Interpretation System
  • Mk.21 Reflex Semi-Autonomous Control System
  • Mk.83 Reflex (AI) Learning Neural Net System
  • TI-10000 Onboard Data Interpretation System

Identify Friend or Foe Systems

  • APX-110 IFF Secondary Surveillance Transponder
  • APX-4 IFF Secondary Surveillance Transponder

Laser Range Finders

  • LT-3 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger/Designator
  • LT-5 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-6 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-6 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator
  • LT-8 Multi-Frequency Laser Ranger and Designator


  • APG-71 Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-1000 “Bee-eye” Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-101 X-Band Spherical Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-106 S-Band Spherical Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-107 X-Band Spherical Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-111 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • APG-113 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • APG-115 UWB Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • APG-117 UWB Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • APG-131 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • APG-134 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • APG-137 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • APG-139 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • APG-140 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Spherical Phased Array Medium-Range Radar
  • APS-142 Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR)
  • APG-145 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Omni-Directional Radar
  • APG-99 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Radar
  • APS-124 Mod 9 Phased Array Radar
  • APS-140 X-Band Multi-Mode Pulse-Doppler Forward-Looking Weather and Terrain Mapping Radar
  • APS-142 Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR)
  • APS-201 Surveillance Radar
  • APY-5 Very-Long-Range Wideband Surveillance Radar
  • APY-7 Multi-Band Interleaved-Multi-Mode Radar System
  • ASARS-3 I-Band Side-Looking Synthetic Aperture Radar (SLAR)
  • AWG-20 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • AWG-25 I-Band Multi-Mode Pulse-Doppler/SLAR Radar
  • AWI-10 I-Band Pulse-Doppler/SLAR Radar
  • RDR4 (TTR-SS) X-Band (9.375 Ghz) Multi-Mode Frequency-Agile Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • TPG-204 X-Band Pulse-Doppler Phased Array Short-Range Radar

Visible/IR/UV Spectrum Sensors

  • Allview II Multi-Band Omni-Directional Digital Camera System
  • Allview Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • ALQ-310 Multi-Band Interleaved Multi-Spectrum Passive Sensor System
  • AN/AXX-1 Television Camera Set
  • DOS-1900 Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • DOS-2000 Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • DOS-2000f Multi-Band Digital Camera System
  • FOI-8 Infra-Red Imaging Sensor
  • HCEP-4 Infra-Red Imagers
  • HS9929 Reconnaissance Package
  • Model 3651i 30cm CCD-Equipped Telescope
  • DC1 Multi-Band Optical Digital Cameras
  • Redeye Long-Range Forward-Looking Infra-Red Imaging
  • TS-1D Long Range Telescopic Array
  • TS-2 Long Range Forward-Looking Telescopic Array for IR Spectrum (FLIR)
  • TS-3 High-Sensitive Long Range IIR/LLLTV/UV Telescope System
  • ZT-IRI 27cm IR Telescopic Imager
  • ZT-MSHS Multi-Spectrum High-Sensitivity Scanner
  • ZT-UVT 24cm Ultra-Violet Telescope



UEG Variable Technology Platforms

VFA-15 DVariable Technology Platforms

Aerospace Veritechs

Land Veritechs

Experimental and Prototype Veritechs


UEG Space Platforms

Space Platforms

Capital Ships

  • Orchid-class Super Dimensional Frigate (SDFF)
  • Valiant-class Super Dimensional Battle Fortress (SDF)
  • Eisenhower-class Super Dimensional Heavy Cruisers (SDHC)
  • Intrepid-class Super Dimensional Light Cruisers (SDLC)

Fleet Auxiliary Ships

Orbital Facilities


Proposed and Experimental Ships

  • Shepard-class Armored Missile Escort Ship, Experimental (AMES)
  • Volta-class Space Destroyer, Experimental (DD)
  • Gagarin-class Space Patrol Gunboat, Experimental (PG)
  • Flower-class Space Patrol Gunboat, Experimental (PG)
  • Macross-class Super Dimensional Fortress, Proposed Refit (SDF)



UEG Sea Platforms

UEG Sea Platforms

Aircraft Carriers

  • Kenosha-class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (CVN)
  • Prometheus-class Submersible Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Enterprise-class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (CVN)
  • King Henry IX-class Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • Kaga-class VTOL Aircraft Carrier (CV)
  • Donald Hayes-class Submersible Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Ark Royal-class Submersible VTOL Aircraft Carrier (CVS)
  • Legacy Aircraft Carriers

Amphibious Assault Ships

  • Tripoli-class amphibious helicopter assault ship (LHA)
  • Tonnerre-class amphibious helicopter transport dock (LHD)
  • New Orleans-class amphibious transport dock (LPD)
  • Daedalus-class Submersible Landing Ship (SLV)/Submersible Command Ship (SCC)
  • Yorktown-class submersible amphibious assault ship (LHS)
  • Macross Island-class submersible amphibious transport dock (LDS)
  • Legacy Amphibious Assault Ships

Attack Submarines

  • Texas-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine (SSN)
  • Ambush-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN)
  • Type 209+ diesel-electric attack submarine (SS)
  • Type 210 diesel-electric attack submarine (SS)
  • Warspite-class Protoculture-powered fast attack submarine (SSP)
  • New Detroit-class Protoculture-powered fast attack submarine (SSP)
  • Legacy Attack Submarines

Ballistic Missile Submarines

  • Nautilus-class Protoculture-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBP)
  • Legacy Ballistic Missile Submarines


  • Dreadnaught-class submersible battlecruiser (CBS)
  • Göben-class submersible guided missile cruiser (CGS)
  • Legacy Cruisers


  • William McGonagle-class guided missile destroyer (DDG)
  • Type 45 Dauntless-class guided missile destroyers (DDG)
  • Munmu the Great destroyer (DD)
  • Brisbane-class air warfare destroyer (AWD)
  • Ashigara-class guided missile destroyers (DDG)
  • Yukikaze-class submersible guided missile destroyer (DDGS)
  • Legacy Destroyers


  • F125 Nordrhein-Westfalen-class frigate (FF)
  • F124 Hamburg-class frigate (FF)
  • Roald Amundsen-class frigate (FF)
  • Tromp-class air-defense frigate (FFAD)
  • Vanessa Leeds-class submersible guided missile frigate (FFS)

Patrol Boats and Littorals

Mine Countermeasures Ships



UEG Land Platforms

Land Platforms


Tactical Vehicles

Service and Support Vehicles

Experimental and Prototype Mecha

  • XM-11 Main Battle Tank, Experimental
  • ADR-04-Mk XIII Defender Air Defense Robot, Prototype
  • ADR-04-Mk XV S-Defender Air Defense Robot, Prototype
  • MBR-04-Mk V Warhawk Main Battle Robot, Prototype
  • MBR-04-Mk XX Blackhawk Main Battle Robot, Prototype
  • CBH-1 Insurgent Combat Battle Robot Hot Environment, Experimental
  • CEBR-X-01 Cybernetic Enhancement Battle Robot, Experimental
  • VR-11 (GFW-190A) VTOL Air Mobile Robot, Experimental
  • MAC-01 Mini-Monster Mobile Artillery Cannon, Experimental
  • MTR-X-01 Multirole Tactical Robot, Experimental
  • QBR-series Unmanned Battle Robot, Experimental
  • QRR-X-02 Unmanned Reconnaissance Robot, Experimental
  • ZBR-X-02 Yrallain Heavy Battle Robot
  • ADR-X-05 Defender II Air Defense Robot
  • MBR-X-05 Tomahawk II Main Battle Robot
  • SDR-X-05 Phalanx II Space Defense Robot
  • HWR-X-02 Monster II Heavy Weapons Robot
  • SFR-series Space Fighter Robot, Experimental
  • SPA-X-2 Space Power Armor, Experimental
  • TAL-052 H-0 Light Tactical Aerospace Robot, Experimental
  • YBR-1 Gladius Battle Robot, Prototype

UEG Aerospace Platforms

Aerospace Platformscombat-01

Combat Aerospacecraft

Helicopters and VTOL aircraft

Support Aerospacecraft

Prototype and Experimental Aerospacecraft

  • AHP-7 Hover Platform, Experimental
  • FX-101 Gunship, Experimental
  • RAC-X Destroid Assault Hover Platform, Experimental
  • RCS-X-1 Destroid Space Platform, Experimental
  • SC-7 VIP Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • SF-X-1 Starfighter II Fighter Spacecraft, Experimental
  • YAV-17 Aggressor Assault VTOL, Prototype
  • YFA-108 Tivar Fighter Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • YFA-117 Drake Fighter Aerospacecraft, Prototype
  • YSG-1 Gun Satellite, Prototype